Exercise and riding

That’s basically how the days goes by! But that’s just awesome! Because that’s things I love!

So started the day with my cardio mountain! Grateful that it’s still so warm that I can walk more than half way up like this! With just a sport top, have a long sleeve to take the train down meet this cute tiger cat view is beautiful and they have put up some kind of little house here..? Not sure what is says, but it looks happy anyway!

Then stables time! Normal, grooming my horses! having them on the treadmill or/and hand walking

Me and Picsou! He’s to wild to hand walk! Just to get safe to the treadmill and back is a victory for me😅

This day actually Duc got bitten by another horse in his nose! It was not one of our horses! But he has to sew around 20 stitches.. he did some dressage before that and was really good at training! me and teddy went in the forest and I let him gallop a lot! But here’s a picture from yesterday when I rode in the indoor! Am I the only one who like to ride with my jeans jacket?

Dressage with Ice Tea! he was super! Easy to bend both ways and listen really good back and forward! Very happy with him!

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