Trying horses in Italy

Slept at a very nice little hotel with a really good and cozy breakfast!

Adham tried many good horses! Adham came directly from a show jumping competition when he arrived in Switzerland! So he had only white pants with him! He luckily fitted a pair of JEM L! And looked really cool in them He really loved the pants and thought they was really comfortable to ride in! He also felt that he had super grip and that was good because the horses jumped GREAT Natale and Adham

I also tried this amazing horse Komodo! He is for sale so if someone is looking for a top GP horse, here he is! He is 11 years old and a real winner! Very safe to jump on

Also news, is that I got a dog together with one of my best friends Eyvind the name of the dog is Terry, a wire fox terrier just like tin tin had! He will live with Eyvind in Oslo!

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