New designs on the way

Cardio mountain today also! Getting colder so I’m so happy to have some good functional running clothes! Actually Norwegian brands, Kari Traa and Norønna!

after that I went to Lausanne to check out some fabrics for new Pro Horse items that are coming soon I hope! Had a quick stop at Starbucks before I headed to the stables

Dressage for the horses today also!

Teddy was so fresh! Haha! At one point he just made a screaming noice and started to jump around haha! But he calmed down and I was able to work him normal! Always with focus on the quality of the canter! Has also started to do a little faster and slower in canter now, and still are able to have a okey quality

Dressage for Ice Tea and Duc also! Both good! Easy to ride today! Did a lot of side movements!

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