Getting the 🎄😍

My day started with the cardio mountain!

The weather in Switzerland is so good now! First part of the walk is like this longer up its snow! I even saw a mare and her foal

Had a orange in the car before I headed to the stables

I started with grooming Alf’i, then he was on the treadmill I prepared food for Picsou and Alf’i for one week

Groomed Picsou and put him on the TM! Really grateful for the treadmill, cause Picsou is really to wild to hand walk for 45 min! Then he starts to make tricks to escape! And he is suppose to only walk or ride in walk and trot! So it’s a good alternative to use the treadmill

Jill also got her time! Grooming and hand walking! Even if she isn’t in training she is not a horse that gets wild! So it’s easy to go for walks with her

Duc and me rode in the outdoor! The washing places was occupied and I had to tack him on here! He has a saddle pad on from JS horse mades, you can find it on Instagram and Facebook

Dressage in the big paddock! Duc was fresh and happy to work! We did mostly transitions and work to make him loose in both sides! He was really good and easy today

❤️Francois picked me up and we went to buy a Christmas tree😍decorates it when we got home❤️ !

❤️Francois put the star on the Christmas tree!

So happy with the decorating and the tree😍😍😍😍🎄

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