My ❤️parents house❤️

So I grew up in the mountains in a town called Narvik! We basically live in the alpine area of the mountain! Really close to the ski-cross piste also!

We live just the street up from where my grand parents used to live and the house just up from my best friend Hanne Marit and there she is waving to me while i stand on our big veranda and she is outside her parents house

We are still best friends today and always make time to hang out when we both are in town! She has a super important job now, while taking higher education on the side! Very proud of her and look up to her a lot!!me, here and her brother, normally also her older sister always have a walk up here, to the water station to look out over town together our dogs! Fox terrier name is: Snuffi! Pomeranian: Bamse! Means Teddy bear!

Bamse gets to eat a little at the table 😍

Wearing PJ to at least 12 a clock is totally okey when it’s Christmas time

We still have my old horse truck that my daddy made for me himself

We also went to visit Skjomen! Where I used to have one of my horses when I lived in Narvik! I also used to work at the riding school! Here I am with Rolf Thoresen that thought me everything about horsemanship

This Norwegian Fjordhorse name is Dina! And she came to the ridingschool when I was around 16, she’s over 20 now!

Really good old friends that I used to ride and train together with! So good to see them

New girls and new horses

Lille Vera have the JEM L! She’s a beauty

When it was time for me to go home again my parents drove me to the buss! It left at 04.40 in the morning ! They are the best

2 thoughts on “My ❤️parents house❤️”

  1. Så nydelig det er i Narvik:-) Du må savne dine forældre og Narvik. Takk for at du deler dine fine billeder. Du må sige til, hvis du kommer til Danmark:-)
    Kh Pernille


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