Got up, took a chocolate protein pudding, sliced a banan and put some whipped cream on top! Breakfast in front of the computer watching some new episodes of Modern Family!

After that I went back to bed again! Ridingschool was not finished before 16.30 and it was a lot of rain outside! No reason to rush!

I actually like that, get up, have breakfast and go back to bed a little while longer! Me and ❤️Francois often does this when we are at hotels!

In the stables it was the normal routine! Taking care of Picsou, Jill, Alf’i and QuinAnd riding Duc, Ice Tea and Teddy!

Teddy sometimes get a little nervous in the indoor, when he hears sounds coming from outside! Regardless that, he was super smooth and very nice to ride!

Duc got a medium hard work out after intervals yesterday! And so did Ice Tea also!

Next day; not in my best shape! But manage to get to the stables and get the water off the truck! Because the weather is getting colder and I don’t want it to be any water in the pipes when the -degrees comes!

Said hello to the horses and checked that they all were okey!

When I got home the doctor came to check me and gave me some medication! Hoping my energy is back tomorrow!

Here’s some outfit inspirations from last winter

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