Zurich for a surprise

YES! I had planed a birthday surprise, even though it’s not his birthday today, I had planed for ❤️Francois a trip to Zurich with me, a top hotel and Jazz concert 😍 as part of his birthday present

Went running at home in the morning and then the stables.

Grooming Picsou, Alf’i, Quin and Jill then a good interval session with Duc! Both me and him think it’s super to do every other day dressage and forest rides! He gets even more motivated of that!!have to post this one! Saw it on Thelma’s story! Instead of a dog someone brought their Ginnypig to the show in San Giovanni

Forest ride for Ice Tea also! Teddy had the day off!

❤️Francois came to pick me up and we went together to Zurich! Haha, he was so happy when I told him the surprise!

After we had checked in it was Starbucks time for me! Cause this hotel has his own Starbucks restaurant alsohas the Christmas-tree brownie while waiting for my expression Frappochino

We had a nice dinner at the hotel

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