Jazzno in Zurich

Slept long, and had a good hotel breakfast with ❤️Francois

We went back to bed a couple of hours after breakfast! And then we went to Zurich town/ Bahnhoffstrasse💎

we checked out the shops and my Hermes Kelly bag got to visit Hermes OFC some Chanel found two dresses at one of my favorite shops, Bongenie Grieder! It’s a shop that has all the good brands! ❤️Francois was happy with the dresses one of my best friends Thelma did such a brave thing today! Her normal GP horse had a small colic the day before, so she had to take a horse that she only jumped 3 130 classes on before straight out in the 145GP, and she only had one down!!!! Gave her a huge shoutout on my story! Such a inspiration!! This is when I talked how impressed I was, and the other one is when she reposted, the talking did not work so it was just me with the mouth open😂

After shopping we went back to the hotel to relax a little before dinner! And I tried for the first time in my life a Dunkin Donut, the Oreo one with whites chocolate! Very good I must say, and I’m not even a donut personyes and also theses cupcakes covers cranberry’s on Starbucks! Very good! I recommend them! Healthier than a donut also For tonight a very special dinner at a Japanese restaurant was planed! We eat our first ever Kobe Steak! It’s a cow that has been drinking beer and massage in vine! Or was it the other way around?

We had some sushi for starter and then the Kobe!

OMG SOO GOOD! But pricy! This little plate is 250 CHF! this is my dessert!

It was a very cute golden-doodle there! In Switzerland dogs are allowed everywhere!

After dinner I had bought tickets to a Jazz concert to surprise ❤️Francois👑 as a early birthday presents to see James Browns old band Fred Wesley and the JB’s

That pretty much sums up a awesome day with my ❤️love

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