Another great morning with my darling in Gstaad!

Sleepy long and had a big breakfast! Feidi dress and stockings, Jimmy Choi shoes and Hermès Birkin bag finishes my Valentines chocolates in bed! Sooo good!

Afterwords we headed to the slopes! Great day and great weather skiing was really good had 4 pieces of cake at the hotel before we went in to Gstaad city center to look around headed home and went to our favorite Mexican place in Villars to eat some tacos! Wearing a Chanel dress, shoes and necklace of course the IT bagwe had creme brulet for dessert! I seriously ate so much today that I felt sick when we got home! So the 50 sit ups on the Pro Horse challenge was a struggle! But I made it! Haha

Btw, saw this guy on instagram! Love him and wanted to share! Cute cute cute

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