Dinner in Lausanne with my 👑KING❤️ and my new dress

Day started easy! Had a nice pancake breakfast with ❤️Francois! Followed by a quick doctor visit! I don’t like that much to take blood samples, but today I was a very brave and good girl

Went to take some groceries and then to the stables!

Took care of the horses and then I went for a forest ride with Duc! Today we did interval training quite hard! He tends to get a bit hot then! But we manage to keep it on a quite relaxed level today! He’s wearing a hat from JsHorseMades , you can find them on Instagram!

Then some dressage and flat work with Teddy! He was a little bit lazy today, had to push him to gallop active! So we did not do so much! It’s important to listen to the horse! What can be the reason for that he was lazy? Maybe muscle pain from his forest ride on deep ground yesterday! Check our the girl riding in a t-shirt on the picture under this picture! WOW!

This little superstar Lucie, has helped me to clip Teddy! And she has done a amazing job! She really did so good! He looks super! A lot better than I clipped Duc! Here she’s posing with Teddy, her dog (don’t remember the name but it’s something a bit serious) and her pony Night Life that she rides in the Swiss team on the highest level on dressage

In the evening ❤️Francois took me out on a super date! He wear a suite and I wear my new dress from Alaïa! He took me to the Beau Rivage Palace We had the menu! Was SOO GOOD! Tasty and perfect prepared a 360 of my new dress! A lot of people ask me where they can buy it! And here is the link! I think the mode I have is sold out but they have a lot of other beautiful creations


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