Packing to go to Italy

First thing I saw when I came to the stable was Lucie wearing the Pro Horse international riding pants, the JEM mode in Bordeaux! She looks beautiful

I started with making Teddy’s mane wet so it would be easier to make 1000 plaits. I do that to make the mane thinner and to get it to stay at one side! I dried it a little with a towel so he did not have to stay wet so long the more plaits you make the better are the results! You need to have it in minimum one month

Did some packing for tomorrow before I took Teddy out for a forest ride! I like to do every other day if I can! Arena and forest! he was quite happy today and did some bucks! Not wild like he wanted me off or was exploding, just happy !

Here he is with a cooling rug and the ice on

Continued packing and afterwords I took care of Picsou and had him on the treadmill

Then Jill! Alf’i and Quin Duc had a day off today. He did quite hard training yesterday and he did not have a day off this week! So well deserved! Carrot eater 😍😍😍😍😍

Lorry packed, Haynets hanged up, and hay brix swelled up in water ready in the crib!

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