First training with Natale

My day started at 06.15 when i jogged the 1.9 km to the stables! Wanted to muck out my boxes, and hand walk Duc and Teddy!

But another horse at the stables had colic so I hand walked the horse while Stefano and Dragan, the two guys that work for Natale did the boxes for all the horses!

When the colic horse was better I walked with Ducand Teddy!

Then I jogged back to the hotel for breakfast! It’s really warm here! +19 degrees! So I was sweating quite a lot! I only brought winter clothes

The breakfast at the hotel is not BIG, like the hotels that ❤️Francois takes me to! But it’s good and they have actually good quality food and some variety! The hotel is very cozy and clean, I would also say beautiful! And it’s near that stables

Jogged back to the stables in my riding clothes and got ready for my first lesson with Natale! It’s a nice solarium in both ends of the stables, and I tacked up Duc in the opposite end that Stefano and Dragan worked with Natale’s horses so I’m not in their wayNatale wanted me to use his own system and bridle. It is very unusual for me. I never even ride with draw reins.. but I had a open mind and I’m open to learn new things! The most strange but also kind was that he gave me some glowed and said I had to use glows when I ride from now on! As long as I train with him anyway. I prefer to ride without glows with web reins, then I have the best feeling with the horse! But okey, open minded and willing to learn and try new things! Here is the picture of the system natale flat ride his horses in

Duc was not so happy about the system but accepted it! I did not hold hard in the rein that was attached to the gog anyway! The training was very good! Hard dressage first, that’s super! And very precise pole and cavaletti work after! Natale had a eye for the details and it was super!

Next was Teddy! To avoid lame putting on the gog thing wrong Stefano helped me getting Teddy ready with itand check it out! I gave him the JEM riding breeches! And he LOVED THEM!

The pole exercises! We did almost the same exercises with Teddy! But easier! When we started with the sideways movements in the dressage warm up we stopped as soon as Teddy did it good! Natale said to me that I had to ride slow, because Teddy did not know it so well and could be afraid on stepping on himself! And when he did it correct he was a good boy and got some “free trot”

I went with Natale to a really good restaurant and had lunch, and then I helped him to build some jumps and put the fences up and down when he was jumping

Then I rode one of his horses Dundee!! Wow! What a nice horse! Really loved him Stefano still had to help me a little with that gog thing, but by now I understood how it was!

Natale actually gave me a lesson on this horse to, and I got to do some jumps! It was a lot of fun! Took care of him myself afterwards! Very sweet and kind horse Before the evening feed I hand walked Duc and Teddy!

Natale and a friend of him took me with them to eat dinner in the evening. They are very nice at the “Scuderia” and do their best to include me so I’m not just sitting alone!

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