The day started like every other show morning with my morning routine! Feeding musli, mucking, filling water, giving hay and walking the horses!

I noticed already this morning that Teddy seemed tired! A lot for him this week!

Around 09.15 his class started, he was tired and a couple of poles fell down! But he did his best as always!

The Grand Prix started at 14.00 so o had time to pack the stuff we did not need for the moment! I feed the horses at 12 and cleaned the cribs, the horses has two water buckets each so I took down one, and made sure the water bucket that was left was totally full! Cleaned the 2 I took down and packed in in the truck!

Made brix for the trip home! One that they could eat straight away when they got on the truck and one more for the trip!

I had good time before the class started to groom Duc well and make the plaits!

We also had a super warm up where everything went according to my plan!

In the ring he was amazing!and we made it to the jump off! AND GOT 4. PLACE IN THE GRAND PRIX


Duc chilling in his box with ice after the Grand Prix

When Duc was finished with the ice and the two horses had eaten hay, and yes some strong man had helped me get the tackbox in I loaded the horses and sat course home

Almost forgot! Some of My awesome followers came to meet me! And some also took pictures and films of me and posted on Instagram

The trip went fine and both me, Duc and Teddy was very happy to see the other horses at home

And ❤️FRANCOIS had bought me flowers since me and Duc had been sooo good!

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