Jumping with Duc and Teddy

Molly was here to see if we could be a good team and if she wanted to move to suisse, so it was a good day to jump with Duc and Ted!

We build a course and afterwords I started to jump with Duc first! Or first I had Picsou on the treadmill and showed Molly how I liked the Horses to be groomed and saddled! Yes I’m like a little girl😂

Today’s training contained some up and down, a vertical two strides over double and 3 strides to a vertical , another line with 3 up and down , a Ofer and 2 strides to a vertical! Duc was jumping very elastic and very round with a super technic! Wish I would have sat him a bit more up so he got more air in the last line though ❤️Francois was watching and he was happy when us! So then I’m happy also

Teddy had to work to get everything good! And that’s okey! Because it’s good to have a challenge and feel that you can work trough it and become better! He jumped really fantastic today and got a lot of carrots after!

Molly groomed Jill, Picsou, Alf and Quin!

When we was finished with the horse we had a quick shower and headed to Geneva for some private events!

We started with Carrier Then Chanel

Versace! OMG the cupcakes

Then Gucci

What I was wearing today! I had Chanel boots, dress, cardigan, bag, cape, chanel earrings and Chanel bag

Me together with the REAL GUCCI gang 🙌

Successful shopping day

Happy ladies

We was suppose to go and eat something, but we eat so much in all the shops, so when we was finished we were totally full just went home!

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