Skiing with Movana

Woke up early and headed straight to the Rock D’Orsey gondloa lift!

we had a couple of hours of amazing skiing! She’s such a good skier! And she showed me a lot of new slopes! Exciting

After that I went home to eat and did my cardio! I have pain in my chest and cough up yellow bugs, but i still did it! Or I did half! Proud of my self! Follow the program

Went to the stables after! Esther is here and had already groomed Teddy and Quin! And done some walking with them! I started within walking Quin! He’s so proud with the head Colar with his name on😍Rode Alf’i after! He is getting back in shape! But he is so fat now that the new saddle I waited for a long time doesn’t fit! But the good news is that the old one fit! Just have to take care that he does not get back pain again

Rode outside with Duc! Has a big wool rug on while we walk to the place we can trot and canter! I put it off there and put it back on when we are heading home!

The rest of the day went by with the other horses! Teddy had a accident! He is VERY fresh now when he have some time off, we were putting him out in the paddock, when he suddenly saw something and jumped from the safe path on to some ice’y road /part of the road and slipped. He has strained himself quite bad, so his planed vacation with running around in the paddock just growing and being a horse has been put on hold. Went to the gym with ❤️Francois in the evening! and now we are currently drinking got chocolate and watching Netflix

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