Started my day with cardio! LOVE THAT! Sun shine and everything Went to Lausanne and picked up my dress from the tailor! Got it for Valentine’s Day! This is how it is originally, quite lone! And me not so long.. so it was better to make it a bit shorter a friend from USA had send me Oreos in all kind of special flavors! SO GOOD! Thank you Aerica 💖went to ride after! Finally got to use my Alberta Ferretti TUESDAY sweater! started with Interval training with Duc! It went super and he was not so strong today!

Dressage with Alf’i! Who behaved perfect today! Light work today Then Prince, he was bucking around a lot so I had to longe him a bit! He was so wild in the longe that when I stared to ride he felt a bit tired, so not the best training today finished off with Cactus! And he was PERFECT TODAY! Really soft in both sides and the perfect combination with going forward but waiting at the same time

I just said Hello to Quin , Ted and Jill! Molly the top model usually takes care of them before I even come, so they are done before I’m there. They are happy and all is good!

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