Skiing with ❤️Francois and Molly

Molly came up to me and ❤️Francois cause it was planed a day of skiing! I had made a huge breakfast mmm!

❤️Francois the gentle man carries my ski’s

He had loads of phone calls to make and sat in the cafe while me and Molly hit the slopes

Molly had only skied a little when she was a little girl and was a bit worried about it! But she was REALLY GOOD! And could ski everywhere really quick! GREAT JOB MOLLY

We had so much fun! Really beautiful weather too! Also had a good lunch with ❤️Francois before we skied down at 13.00

I went to do my cardio mountain and Molly went to the horses, started to walk them and have them on the treadmill

Then riding! Prince first, he was really wild in the begging because someone was cutting wood with a chain saw.. but after a while he was the perfect pony!!

Alf too! Light dressage with him! Loads of trott! He was good and relaxed, a little stiff to the right, but perfect when I finished off

Duc was really fresh and had to ride him a long time LOADS OF GALLOP! So much that it was dark before I was finished

Did how ever have time to go quick to the gym with ❤️Francois! Now a quiet evening at home, with Strawberries for dessert

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