Skiing with ❤️Francois

❤️Francois has a massage appointment at 08.00, so I slept a little longer and he came to pick me up around 09.00 and we headed to the ski pistes in Villars, here where we live!

We took the train up, all smiles😍❤️

skiing was amazing and it’s so fantastic to ski together with the ❤️man you love, in this great conditions

After skiing a while we had lunch! Soo good out in the sun!

We skied from 09.00 to 13.00, and after that I went to the stables!

Started with Duc! We had intervals in the forest

Then training with Prince! We did some schooling over tiny jumps, training that I had to control the speed and the way we ride! It goes good in dressage, so now I have to transfer it to the jumping!

Molly the top model came out with Alf’i and we changed the horses!

Alf’i was so calm and perfect! Almost can’t believe it!! He didn’t spook once!! So concentrated and worked perfect

Cactus was fresh! Since he had a day off yesterday, did a lot of changing the speed with him, making him stay active even in short canter! He was good!

Said hello to Quin and Teddy, don’t see them so much these days because the top model is always finished working with them before I come! But they looked good and was happy

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