Intervals with Duc

My morning started with cardio mountain and FaceTiming with my 💖daddy! Here he looks like General Aladeen😉😂

Went to the tailor in Lausanne! I bought a Dolce Gabbana bikini (for children size 10 yrs old😂) in Milano, and since the pants are made in a granny pants style our trailer made them to string pants!

Last time I will ride him before the GP qualifier on Thursday! Today we did intervals out in the forest, so loads of canter! Weather was suddenly quite cold so he did not become so sweaty

The day continued with hand walking, the last handwalk round with the guys was done in the dark and the spooky Alf’i was back, today he had so much energy and loads of things to spook for!! while walking off we had a live stream!

I groomed Jill in the box today! Much needed, she had straw on places I have never seen straw before

Alf’i well iced😎😉

Rode Cactus also a little inside! Mostly trott and walk

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