Packing for the show

Day started as i like it! My cardio! Was so cold on the mountain that I had to put double hoodies on when I got up ! looked totally crazy ! Hahaha! These hoodies are so slim to the head that I don’t think it looks so good as other “normal “hoodies

Alf’i on the treadmill! He is soo good at it! I really think he likes it! While he was walking there I put the rest of the things for the show in the trailer! Since I’m only going with Duc we just take the trailer! most goofy pic ever of Alf! Haha

Duc doesn’t like to go on the treadmill, he goes on and walks calm for 5 min before he panics and want to jump off, since he is not going to ride today in preparation Duc style for the show we had a long cozy handwalk

Hand walks also with these guys And Prince to! Since he has felt a little tired I thought it was better to give him a week of just walk, since I’m going to the show tomorrow and Molly is not home to ride him anyway

This pretty much sums up the training with Alf’i today! Haha! It was exciting! I love calm Alf, but I also like him like this! Since this is how he usually is! Love him no matter what

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