Sunday/Monday/Tuesday summary

On Sunday my classes started quite late, Teddy’s class started 14.30 so I tried to sleep as long as possible since we had to drive home in the night! I had also said to Niki, to feed, change the water, walk and muck out to the horses, and then go to bed a couple of hours!

So I came around 12, I feed the horses lunch and we packed a bit before my class started! I did not morning ride any of them cause the weather was very bad, pooooooring rain!

I had been looking forward riding the amazing horses and jump with them, also to wear my new scarf! To match the little twilly Louis Vuitton monogram scarf with monogram LV belt and bracelet

So teddy was first! Was raining so much I rode with my Norrona NARVIK jacket! I come from the town Narvik!! it’s really top top quality clothing for outdoor and ski!

Teddy jumped great even in these conditions was clear and we WON THE CLASS 🥇🙌 loved to hear the Norwegian 🇳🇴 National anthem Ja vi elsker dette landet

Next horse was Duc! The warm up was so vet and he’s feet was sinking 10 cm down in the ground in the warm up. So we only jumped a vertical in 80 cm and 1m twice before we went in to the 140 class!

Duc did not touch any jumps and we got 5.place! 🏅

Last class started 17.30 and I had both Quin and Ice Tea in the class!

Quin was first! Alamo did not jump anything in the warm up ether, but he was clear and really amazing in the ring! next was Ice Tea, Quin and me got 2.place in the 135 and me and Ice Tea got 3 place! SO HAPPY! All horses placed same day!

When the price giving was finished me and Niki worked as fast as we could to get the tack and the horses on the truck! She had gotten a man with a fork lift to put the tack box on while I was paying! And that was awesome! So heavy to pull it up!

Then we started to drive home! We drove from 19.30 to 01.00 in the night, feed the horses and sleept to 04.00.

We arrived at the stables around 10.00

Me and Niki started to unload the horses and suddenly my 👑KING ❤️Francois showed up! I thought I would just see him at home! But because of all the stuff that has happened on this trip he was anxious to see me and cane to help and support me! I AM SERIOUSLY THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD TO HAVE ❤️FRANCOIS❤️ AS MY MAN!

Niki had to go when we had put the horses in the boxes, cause she has a week of holidays! So I mucked out the truck alone, got the horses in their home rugs and put the show rugs back

Me and ❤️Francois went to get groceries and had a couple of hours at home before I had to go to Belgium. Can’t really tell you what’s going on, but it has something to do with Jill.

In the taxi from Brussels airport to Antwerpen I was so tired that I fell asleep, and the taxi driver had to poke me a couple of times before I woke up😂😂😂

❤️Francois had gotten be a BEAUTIFUL suite, but just went to bed when I got there cause my batteries was flat.

Today I woke up, put on my Giorgio Armani dress, custom made Louboutin shoes, Versace coat and Chanel bag and did my errand in Antwerpen before I returned to the airport!

I saw my new sponsor rider Birgit Wuijts! And gave her loads of JEM PANTS! Here’s some picture of her in them

Got safe home, me and ❤️Francois went out to eat


Saturday and ribbons!

Started my day with a run down by the beach in the rain!

Bu the time I got to the show it had stopped raining and I had a really good round with Duc in 140, that gave us 4. place! Duc is a amazing friend for me! If he feels himself good he do anything for me to be clear!

Just after it was time for Quin and Ice Tea in 130! Both horses was GREAT! And ICE TEA and me got second place

All horses gets ice on their feet twice after riding! and musli, hay and loads of carrots for lunch I usually give them the lunch myself! I love to feed them! Since they love food!

I had my lunch together with Duche was half snoozing after eating his lunch!

In the afternoon I jumped Teddy in the big ring! One down in first round!

In the evening I went to Cannes! I had Pizza Hut, LOOOOVE THAT!

I really like Cannes I must say!


Friday and jumping at the show

Day started at the gym!

Went to the stables and rode Quin in 125, and we got 2. Place

Followed by 135 with Duc and Ice Tea! Both jumped clear in the first face and had two down in the jump off with both both of them jumped the big water good!

Just after it was 110 with Teddy! One down! First time I jumped a real course with him, so I was very happy!

Afterwords I meet this really nice girl, Chloe, who gave me these amazing stirrups! You need to check them out! they are safety stirrups with a shock absorbing feature, and super grip sole!


I had some horse cuddles before I went back to the hotel


Thursday and all classes canceled

The vet check was at 08.00 and then suddenly at 08.30, at that time no one knew when the classes was going to start! Little later they said the first class would start at 13.00

I stated my day at the gym! Some running!after that I got dressed with my new scarf and headed to buy some rubber boots for Niki!

When I had got the rubber boots Niki phoned and told me all classes was canceled because of the rain! So I did not stress to go to the stables but took a stop at Starbucks and I saw these cute once! Omg! Poor puppy’s! Trapped in class cage!

When I got to the stables i started with Duc! We could ride inside a indoor, and that was good since it was poooooring down with rain! I’m not gonna complain about the ground in the indoor, i was just happy to have a indoor to ride in! Very happy! Me and Duc was dress for the ovation to get dry back and forward to the stables and the riding house!

Duc was really super today, so I am happy for the work I did with him yesterday! Did similar today, but not as hard.

Next was Ice Teastill had a lot of energy! So galloped a lot! Did 8 strides forward and 8 strides slow! He was good.

By the time I was done with Ice Tea it has stopped raining, so I could ride Teddy outside! Worked a lot on his right side! But it was quite wet still so he stumbled a couple of times.

Me and Quin just went for a walk together today, felt that was what he needed!

In the evening i have had dinner at the hotel! And been to the gym one more time!


A summary of a couple of days

I will make a quick summary of the days!

Anyway hers me and Quin Outfit JEM L ridingpants Gucci long sleeved t-shirt, Gucci cardigan, belt and scarf! I don’t have so much to say about that day there! I rode dressage on the horses and they were all really good! Did some shopping, bought a cable for the truck and this rugand this hoodie sweatshirt

Next day! Also dressage on the horses today! Here’s me and Quin again! Wearing JEM ridingbreeches in Navy my new sweater from Gucci, Gucci belt, Kep helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Next was Duc! Had to work him quite hard to get him on his hind legs! Then Ice Tea! Same job for him! Had to activate him and keep him light in the mouth last one to ride was Teddy, a bit stiff in the right side but better in the end I hang up the mascots for Teddy! I hand up the mascots for the other horses yesterday but I did not know if Teddy would eat them so wanted to hang them in the day first to monitor him I wear my new jacket from Parlanti and the awesome Fabrizio Perinelli! The jacket is GREAT! Stylish, light, and stretchy! You can use it as a fashion jacket to town! In the stables and even compete with it! you can contact him for questions or orders! Both on Instagram and Facebook

I went to Cannes to visit and do some shopping with my awesome jacket what I got today


Inside Jumping with Teddy and riding in the forest

Teddy and I did some jumps again inside! Not many jumps or high, just to get to know each other better! It’s going better I must say!

He is such a super horse with a great personality! And I like him! But we need a lot of riding and jumping together to become a team.

Picsou and me went for a long walk outside !

And Duc also, or Duc went outside but not for a walk! Hard core interval training! Duc loves it and so do i! Love to take the horses out in the forest! Quin also got to go out today! I don’t to hard intervals with him, because I want him first to get use to this kind of riding in the forest where everything is not flat like in the paddock! And he has been TOP training by his previous riders so for me and him is more about having fun together next was Alf’i, omg!!! Energy on top! But not spooky, but really wanted to run and buck! Happy boy!

Last one for interval training today was Ice Tea! Here’s my outfit: JEM ONE SEEM black/pink, Pink Moncler jacket, Nike Climate top, Hermès belt, KEP ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Ice Tea has some high speed training today, and I managed to keep him under control the whole time! He really did get a proper workout

Gym in the evening with ❤️Francois


Saturday riding inside

Was a little bit out with the horses around midday but my day most Ley looked like this:

Started with Duc! Dressage! Loads of focus on being active and relaxed! I worked his left side that is more stiff than the right side on both hands! Meaning I also keep his next a little to the left even when I’m riding on the right! Not all the time though, but I’m sure you understand Next was the Ice Machine! He had dressage also! Really low shape today, no demands only to be calm and stretch out! Niki got some fun shots at me 😂and the usual me and Ice Tea looking very beautiful smiling with ears forward😂 #goofy Next was Teddy! We did like this, 8 strides faster 8 strides slower! And his shape had to be , head up and nose out, of neck down and nose out! Tried to avoid nose in!

Then Picsou! Took outfit pics just before we went for our walk! JEM ridingbreeches in Bordeaux! Equiline pullover, Louis Vuitton belt, Kep Italia helmet, Ugg boots same same with Picsou, walk riding walk! I enjoy it! Really! He’s so cute

Next one was Quin! Dressage also! He has a thing he tries with me, like this: when he is in the perfect shape he wants to trott slow, then I ask him to activate and trott faster with more suspension and then perfect shape goes away! Got better in the end! Could do both

Last horse to ride was Alf’i! What can I say! He had a very very good day, totally focused on me and not a 4 legged shark in sight! Had Jill a little loose in the indoor also! Aha was happy for about one round before she wanted to go home she is such a friendly horse!

dinner out with my 👑KING❤️

Check out this happy customer


Friday, riding and car salon in Geneva

Me and Niki started early today, because me, ❤️Francois and Niki wanted to go to the car show in Geneva!

I started to ride Duc, Niki had him tacked up and walked when I came to the stables!

He had dressage! Quite easy today! I’m wearing JEM L ridingbreeches, Parlanti Passion boots, Louis Vuitton scarf, Kep ITALIA helmet and Gucci belt

Next was Picsou! Our usual procedures, walking, riding, walking! while I was riding Picsou, Niki longed Ice Tea a little so he would be warm in this body when me and Picsou was finish working me and Ice Tea went out in the forest! Intervals for him today! he was a good boy and not to strong or hot! So I am very happy! He must be getting in better shape because he was not as tired as usual!

Next up was me on Quin and Niki on Teddy! We also went out. We galloped a lot but did not do any full speed work! On our way home we both jumped off our horses, opened the nosebands and gave them carrots as we walked home! check out the mascots of Quin and Teddy

And of course Teddy has a teddy bear, and this one works at Starbucks in Hong Kong

Last horse to ride was Alf’i! He was behaving really well in the wind! So the day went really fast and effective! When all horses was back in their boxes I went to pick up ❤️Francois

We went to the bankand then I got a quick shower and the 3 of us went to the Car Salon in Geneva! we are super lucky and are invited to Ferrari every year!

I’m wearing my Valentino dress that I got for Valentine’s Day!we had a lot of fun and it was many amazing cars to see!

On our way home we stopped at the Chinese restaurant in Lausanne! So good!

I have unboxed my new Parlanti Passion riding boots!

Currently on the sofa watching a film with my LOVE ❤️Francois


Thursday, Jumping inside with Teddy and ICE❄️TEA🍹

Direct to the stables and put up two jumps to train a little with Teddy and Ice Tea! Sometimes it’s good to just do it really easy for yourself and the horses!

Also me and Teddy really need to do loads of jumping to “find each other” and be a team!

So started with Teddy! In the warmup I focused on making him quick in his reactions. 8 strides fast, 8 strides slow!

In the jumping I was trying to canter with as powerful quick steps as possible!

Next was Ice Tea, he was a little hot in the canter today, so I trotted a lot to get him relaxed! So when we stared to jump he was really relaxed and waited! And jumped FAB

After giving Ice Tea a lot of carrots and Petting him it was time for Duc! Dressage today and some flatwork over poles! Had two poles on the long side with 21m between and rode , 5/6/7/8 strides between! Duc was awesome Alf’i had exactly the same job! He thought it was very hard to do it on 8 strides! But we made it a couple of times!

Then Quin! And here is my outfit; Navy JEM pants, Gucci belt, Nike climate turtle neck, Hermès west, Kep ITALIA helmet, uggs 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Quin had forest riding and dressage, hard core today! Was so stiff in the right side, so for a change I had to move him a lot from my right leg, and at the same time keep him active! I was as sweat as him!

Last one was Picsou! We went for a hour walk outside and rode a little in the indoor also!

Had to go to Lausanne and pick up some stuff at the tailor so got some Starbucks also

Gym with my love in the evening! Only cardio for me today, cause the gym close at 21.00 and we was a bit late! But I made a run for it!