Wednesday with Nashmill 

Started the morning with a walk half up to Leysin and down again with Nashmil! She had leg day at the gym the day before she came here and was quite sore! 

Went to the stables, this is my riding outfit of today: Armani tshirt, Parlanti passion, Cavalleria Toscana and Hermes 

I rode Ice Tea and Nashmil walked with Picsou😃 sice we have been two weeks on the show the horses has just some light work now! I rode Ice Tea loose and low, but at the same time focus that he carried himself!

Next was Alf! I rode Alf on the filed and Nashmil walked Duc and let him eat grass! I think Alf was tired, cause he did not spook once 

Duc and Nashmil

Love to walk the horses home! So when I am finished trotting and cantering I many times jump off and lead the horse! 

Francois had a doctor appointment at 12.15 so when finishing taking care and having ice on Ice Tea and Alf,-  me and Nashmil went back home again 

Alf enjoying lunch with his cooling on 

Sice it’s really hot the 3 of us went to the pool after 

Ralph Lauren Dress, 

Hermes bikini and sandals 

Eating at the pool with the LOVE❤️ of my life 

So lucky to have such a good pool so close to the stable! Specially on days like today, when it is so warm! You do half before 12 and the rest after 18.00! 

So when we were finished at the pool we went back to the horses! I rode Calla and Nashmil rode Duc!

I work A LOT with Calla not to ride her stright. She goes on two lines with her body and offten want to put her ass inside the line! What is so important to remember is that you always have to move the front of the horse on to the track of the hindlegs! 


Tuseday and Nashmil is here 😍

Horses are taking it easy after the show! And I went to pick up Nashmil at the airport!

Before heading to the stables we visited Geneva, and had lunch at Starbucks 


My outfit of the day! Vercarse dress, and bracelet, Chanel sandals and Fendi bag 

Beautiful day in Geneva 

Then we went to take care of the horses and hand walk them! And I rode Calla! Riding outfit : Cavalleria Toscana pants and tshirt, Gucci belt, Parlanti Passion boots 
Me and Calla need to get use to each other again! Nashmil helped me a lot cause when Calla is not straight she looses the quality in her canter! And now she is trotting and cantering with the ass inside the track of the front legs. It says in all literature about horse riding dresssage that you have to move the front part of the horse on to the track of the hindlegs! Specially in canter, bacause if you put your inside leg to much “back”/”behind” it means change the gallop, so then you must move the front of the horse so it worked equally and straight with both hindlegs! 


Monday/ last day for Skin working here

From Skins Instagram:

Skin has been a little back and forward if she should go home with her parents after their holiday! They are going 10 days on holiday tomorrow, Spain and France! Exciting euro trip for the NZ gang! 

Anyway, it has been a little back and forward what we are going to do, me and Skin. Stay to the 1. Of septemeber when the shows jumping season are starting in New Zealand or go home as a group after the holiday! I got Anelie to go with me to the shows this summer and we decided Skin goes home after the holiday. Then she changed her mind, but I already got the TOP STAR ANNELI😍💖⭐

Skin is such a sweet girl so I wanted to help her and made some calls

So ..

Skin is going on a very exciting journey! And LEARN A LOT! 


I’m going to need a groom that can start after summer! If you want to work for me send a email to:


Must be able to exercise ride and groom to perfection! Or be willing to learn! 


Trucking home

Hi guys! Today we loaded up the horses at 04.00 am in the morning and headed home !  We drove to ca 10, and then feed the horses again!

(They got food in the truck when we stared to drive, and all they could eat, the box full of hay and mash hay brix in the evening)

“Pit” stop

When we came home the boxes was prepaird perfect for the horses 

Packing out 

I washed Picsou perfect before the vet Daniel should come! Important that the feet are really clean in case the horse need a injection! And no hoof oil the day of the vet! -to avoid infection! I put Picsou out in the sunshine so he could dry quick 

Let the horses out in the paddock for a while 

Daniel came and checked the guys and Calla! 

Poor Picsou is still not good! Hopefully he will be okey soon! 
Me and Francois went to Mc Donald’s when we were finished with the horses! 

Took groceries and went directly to the gym before we went home! My shoes was dirty so I went in my beare feet and in my truck driver dress 😂



THIS HORSE💖 CLEAR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! Not only in the ring, but also not a pole down in the warm up !

Back to my day! First one today was Alf’i in 135, the class started at 08.35 and me and Alf was NR1! Good round but a little touch out of the second double gave us one down

I rode Duc as 32, so when I was fished with Alf, Skin run to the stables and brushes Duc! Then we took care of Alf and made Duc ready! Duc was amazing today as well! Clear again⭐💖🐴🥕

Skin and Callas class started right after, so we were quick again! Did not have time to plait them today! I waked the course with Skin and I tried to learn her how to remember the course and how to ride and why as good as I can! I really think she can be very good! Anyway! They had a good round with one down 

Skin and Calla ( skin and me going trough the course before she goes in the ring) 

Skin and Calla in the warm up

TEAM HAPPY WITH A GOOD ROUND! 😂 everyday when I groom for Skin I wear the backpack 

Ice cream after 

Thelma and Bellz after a great round! She is wearing my SO COOL jacket in black 

The Grand Prix started at 15.00 so I had some time to eat and relax before! Feed the horses first of course 

Used a lot of time making Ice Tea beautiful for the Grand Prix! He’s first 2*Grand Prix! Exciting 

Look how pretty! Also with the GO TO THE RING rug How it went! Well it felt good.. Ice Tea is a horse that is highly motivated to jump, and I really need to keep him calm. So when I let him run he has a pole. Not gonna go more in to it than that. Anyway, he feels really powerful and scoopy! 

Me and Ice in the warm up 

In the ring 

Now we have packed and I am getting up at 03.00 to go home to my love Francois❤️
I put the bandages and back on track on! Here’s Alf 


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Clear round for Duc💖🐴

Started the day with morning riding Alf (as yesterday) together with Skin and Calla! 

Quick breakfast in the truck, change in to my riding clothes and start Ice Tea in 135

After that it was quick on Duc and ride him in the Grand Prix qualifier. Me and Duc was start NR 2, and i was one of the last in the 135 with Ice Tea, so we had to be quick! Duc and me was double clear 😃😃😃

Picture of Duc and me😃

Ice Tea and me 😃
In the same class I was NR 42 with Alf’i, so after Duc we took quick care of him and saddled Alf and I went to the warm up with him while Skin put studs in Calla for her start in the class after! With Alf I lost both my stirrups before fence NR 1, and was concentrating on getting them back to fence nr2, came to close and had one down! But Alf was perfect! Really good! 

When I was finished with Alf we went quick to the stables, tacked him off, when skin went to change her clothes I started to plait Callas mane! Then I walked the course with Skin and finished to plait Calla! Of course I helped her in the warm up, jumps, jacket/ water/ the whole kit! Skin was really good with Calla today and she was more cool! They had a very good round!

Check out me with the groom backpack

Hanging out with Geneviev! She is wearing Carma ITALIA( her sponsor ) , me the usual Fornarina skirt 💖everyday😂, Vercarse tshirt 

Yellow makes me look really brown 

Went to the stables and gave the guys and Calla carrots 🥕🥕🥕🥕

Finished the day with going to the beach with team Euro Horse



Here is a little fan picture of the “euro horse” family, the horse in the picture is “adopted” and not really the JR team! But we think he is really awesome and a very good guy! Btw, the dogs name is BoYah! LOVE IT! 

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Alf’i ribbon today 🎖

Started the day with morning riding Alf’i together worn Skin and Calla! Calla and Alf’i waiting for us this morning. 

We worked the horses low and relaxed! Both horses was good! 

Happy face! 

First start for me today was Alf in 130! Don’t worry, he got to go back to his box and eat and relax before going to the warm up! It was a jump of class and we were clear in the first round, and got to go out and come back again for the jump of! First round!

Jump off! Went worn just my show shirt to the jump off! Also clear😃😃😃 and ribbon 🎖

Ice Tea and Duc jumped the Grand Prix qualifier! 

After the round of Alf it was really hot and I felt it is to warm for the horses to wear the sheep skin, so CWD the rest of the day 

Next one was Duc! He was really really good! Took a lot of chances and went inside everywhere! He was TOP😃⭐💖 we were clear on jumps but got one time fault, time was very short! 

I had a good round with Ice Tea also, 3 down! Totally on me! He was super 

Next up was Skin and Calla! The 125 started right after the Grand Prix qualifier, and Ice Tea was one of the last starts! So we had it all planed, I took care of Ice, she put studs in Calla! Then she went to change clothes and I put ice on Ice Teas feet!!

 Then we walked the course, I plaited Calla, and we saddled her together! 

Skin and Calla was super today! Or Calla was HYPER in the ring and wanted to jump everything at once! Skin did a really good job controlling her as good as possible, since the horse had a rocket in his a..! Well done Skin! 

I helped out a little in he stable, mocking our to Ice 😃 him and Calla are the most piggy horses we have! And then I went to the pool!  Pool outfit/snap chat

Bikini of the day 

Cool with the small stones in multiple colors on the top
Nothing more special than that today! Went back to the truck, ate, gave some cuddles to the horses! Took a run down town, back to the truck! More food and then bed! 


Flat work 

Today I got up at 07.30 and rode flat work on my 3 chestnut boys! 

Outfit of the day: JEM L riding pants, Versace tshirt, Hermes belt, Parlanti Passion and Kep ITALIA 

I rode Alf first! A looong time! Really made sure he was in front of me, but still relaxing! 

Next was Ice Tea (picture with outfit) he was strong today, so rode him with low intensity 1hour and 15 min! 

Last one for me was Duc! He was very good today, means we did a good work out yesterday  

Skin rode Calla, and they were really good today also! She managed to control her right shoulder all the time! Good Skin⭐

When we was finished riding I wet for a run 

And after that to the beach 🏝☀️🍡🍦 going to the beach outfit! Skirt from Cazeldonia, top from Stradivious, some shop here, 11 euro! Love the hot pink! And new Sandals!

Bikini of the day: children bikini top with Ananas (Pinapple) form Cazeldonia, pants from Tezenis 

Skin😍😎 CHECK OUT HER 6 pack!! GOALS!!

Afterwords we went to town and got some G E L A T O 🍡🍦😅😍

And vet check! I took Duc this time! Skin took as usual the rest, she normally takes everybody 😉

Horse cuddles 

And to finish up the post, here are me and Thelma wearing my riding pants! I am wearing JEM ONE SEEM, she is wearing JEM L 

Went for a evening walk, me and Skin got Mc Donald’s and eat it in the truck! That sums up the day! 

Have a good evening guys


Wednesday and back in SanRemo

Hi Guys! Started the day with a run! Then me and Skin went to the grocery store! Check out the Hermes sandals😍matching with the bracelet and the Hermes shirt! Haha and the Barbie! 

Then a locksmith came and changed the locks in the truck! Because I lost the only key we have left last week, luckely Crissy found it! But now we are not taking any chances with loosing it again, so new looks and loads of new keys to take good care of 

I ride Alf first! All the horses has had two days of only hand walking, or Alf’i was longed a little yesterday! But other than that just handwalked! I think it is good for their body and their mind to have some rest after showing! Then they recuperate and are fresh and happy to work again! 

I was anticipating Alf being really spooky and wild, but he was relaxed and concentrated! Perfect!  

Next horse was Ice Tea, he also surprised by listening really well! Very good boy! So happy with him today! Did a lot of transitions, and also increasing and decreasing the speed! Aslo rode on some poles! And yeah, outfit of the day, my own JEM L pants, Chanel belt, earrings and T-shirt, Parlanti passion boots, and Kep Italia helmet!

I rode Duc as last horse, rode him together with Calla and Skin! Skin rode Calla to perfection today! Very relaxed and concentrated! Specially in the end! Well done Skin! She even rode her stright!⭐ me and Duc, Calla and Skin 

Me and Duc worked a lot on the balance! To be able to ride forward and collect and still have a good balance in the horse, and me! Was first a little stif, and fresh, but became super in the end! Really sweat! 

I put these beautiful Eskadron climatex bandages on Duc! I love to do that if I have time 😍, no hind boots 

Went for a run🏃‍♀️ down town and back for the truck! I am living in the truck today ! Check out the Pink Puma shirt, got it from Skin for my birthday 🎂 Thank you Skin💖

Lovely flowers on the way up to the equestrian center! And good temperature also in the evening

Now me and Skin are eating and watching modern family in the truck! Soon bed 

Also just want to share this picture from my BFF Nashmil snap chat! Such a beautiful picture of Varola and her son 💖


Tuesday home! 

Nothing special to write about today! Slept in with Francois and made loads of food to put in the freezer, filled up the refrigerator so he has loads of food and drinks!

Went to take care of Picsou and Jill ! Picsou was happy to se me 😍

Jill! Hope we will find a solution soon

Tour de Suisse came to Villars so me and Francois went to see it! 

Here are some pictures of me and Duc from the weekend at the show! Im wearing my SO COOL show jacket! 

A very nice Fotografer Miriam Protino took them! So all cred to her! Thank you