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On our way home❤


After the class yesterday I went to pay for the show and Skin packed the equipment! 

Even though it’s the last day at the show, it was plenty of drinks, candy, cookies and donuts for Skin on the tack box 😂 🍩🍭 

After I had paid, we took a little brake, then I helped Skin take the rest of the equipment outside and pack it in the truck 

For the heavy lifting Tina and Magne helped us 

After that Skin walked the 3 chestnut boys while I feed them for the evening and put on the bandages and back on track on! So they are ready for the transport in the middle of the night! 

Skin went home and to the hotel where she lived with Tina and Magne and I went to sleep in the truck! 

At 02.00 in the night I woke up and feed the horses with the hay brix/cubes that I had put in water at 20.00 the evening before! 

Ice Tea seemed happy to get some night feed

Duc and Alf was really sleepy! 

Duc was so sleepy that he did not even “attack” the food like he does! He attack it in a sweet way, not taking the ears backwords against us humans, he is super friendly with all people 

Went to bed for can 30min, and woke up 02.45 again! Took down the water buckets and filled them up with Hay cubes/brix and water for the trip! 

Tina and Magne came, and we put the horses in together ! First Alf, the Duc in the middle and Ice Tea in as last horse!  Skin was sleeping at the hotel and are driving the Yaris back home when she wakes up! I think she will be waking up and starting to drive around 06.00 in the morning

I drove the truck first in the night, while Tina and Magne was sleeping in the back!

The guy who works at Ferrari is always with us sitting in the front

When they woke up they came to me in the front to hang out

And yeah! We have loads of candy!

I drove to the diesel tank is “empty” then we stopped, filled the tank, feed the horses

Tina and me did some team work, I gave her the buckets, she was wearing the rain coat and went between the horses and put the food in the crib! She wears the rain coat so the horses won’t spill on her so much 😉

 and gave them water, got some Burger King for us and changed the driver 

We also prepared food for next stop! Random gas station man supervising me filling water in the buckets  

Now Tina is driving and I’m chilling in the passanger seat! One of the few times I have ever been sitting here 

I always have the same truck driver outfit! When I’m a little cold  I wear this addidas tights under 😂

This is the top of my truck driver outfit 😍💖🎀🙋💁

 I’ll update again when we are home 

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Last morning in Oliva for this time

Flat work time for me and Ice Tea and this is my outfit before start 

When I came to the stable Skin and Ice Tea was waiting for me!

 Me and Ice Tea has some issues, in the ring he is very strong and motivated to jump as fast as possible, and when I try to go in the pase I want it becomes a bit of a fight between us! I have ridden him with a twisted bit, and he respects that, but yesterday’s class then bit was to strong. And I don’t want to ride to much with twisted because they can create wounds in the mouth. So this is what I am trying today! Pessoa with two reins and a sheep skin on the nose! But before I decided if I will start the Bronze GP with him today, I wanted to ride over some poles in the flat work ring to see how it feels and if I have a shot to make it work! 

The bit worked good and I was able to have a fine contact with him without fighting! So I took the decision to jump in the afternoon!

When I was finished riding I did some cuddles with the horses! Normally I ride Alf in the morning before start also, but I thought I try today to go early with him to the warm up and work a long time before start! I’ll let you know later how it goes! Here are me and Alf cudgeling 

Snap chat with Skin and Alf 

I had time to hang out and chat with my BFF Hannah 💖

Since Duc was not jumping today me and him went for a walk together😍 he is so sweet! He really knows that he is my private horse, and that we belong together! You know, that it’s me and him! He always keeps a eye where I am, he always smiles at me, and always try’s he’s best! If Ice Tea takes his ears backwards at me for tightening the girt or something, Duc “jumps” as much as he can out of his box and try’s to bite him! So cute! 

Now I need to jump in to my show clothes and go walk the course for Alf’i 

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Pool time 

Since we were finished early today the whole gang went for some pool time!

All 4, yes inclusive Magne (sterke mannen) had our new bikinis/bading gear,- and we were really just “goofing” around 

This pool is at the apartment hotel where Tina, Magne and Skin lives! Cost only 750 euros for a big apartment with room form 5 people for 2 WEEKS!! Good deal I would say! 

We got loads of sun and relaxation 

I went for a run on the beach when the sun went behind clouds! I saw these little “sea animals”, does anyone know what they are?? I never saw anything like these before

Back to the stable to do some horse cuddles with my chestnut team 💖 Duc, most happy horse in the world I think  

Alf, hiding behind Alf 

Looking the same way

Looking grumpy  

Looking at each other 

And Finally looking at the camera 

I could not cuddle with Ice, cause he was out walking with Skin, Duc monitoring, him and Ice are good friends when it’s not feeding time

Btw, a good tips from me to you, hang up two water buckets so your horse always get enough water 

Last night in Oliva for this time, and the gang went to the mall and took the usual selfie in the glasses shop At the glasses shop we also saw this little friend! So sweet that the owners take so good care and have a wagon for him 


Selfie, my outfit, All Chanel except for the Skirt, it is from I was 14 years old and the brand is Only! Haha, it’s a oldie, but goodie😂💎😉 

Our usual restaurant, Magne and Tina 

The gang 

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Places in the Silver Grand Prix with SUPER DUC😍

Duc has been totally awesome this weekend!!! Clear and placed Thursday, Clear Friday and placed in the Silver Grand Prix today 😍 Good boy Duc!

After that it was time for my 140 debut with Alf! 

I was NR 4 in the class meaning that I had to warm up and do some jumps before I walked the course! And that’s what I did, when the course was open Tina hold Alf, because Skin was making Ice Tea ready! After walking the course I trotted and galloped a few rounds and resumed jumping 

When you are one of the first to go like that it can easy be stressful to get to jump what you need before it is your turn to go in the ring! After walking the course eveybody wants the jumps, and want their rider to be able to jump what is best for them. Today it got a bit stressful but me, Alf, Tina and Skin (skin made it up to see my start while Ice Tea was waiting ready in the stables) we all manage to stay calm so both me and Alf were relaxed when we entered the ring! Also, Tina said before I went in, just relax, and I did! 


We were clear in the first face and had one down on the last fence in the second face!

Really happy with the round! We had a good rhythm and he jumped great!

Afterwords it was Ice Tea! He jumped good in the warm up and good in the ring, I am trying a new bit on him, and in the warm up he was fighting with the bit, but I could handle it. After the 3 combination I wanted to do 6 short stride to a oxer, but Ice tea was really afraid of the bit, so when I pulled the rains he panicked with his head 4 strides before the jump, and of course I don’t chase him over! The problem with Ice Tea is not to get him over jumps, he never stops, but to approve the ridbillity! I tried to make a circle and come again, but he would not take contact, and when I feel like that in the turn I retired. I’m not sad about the round, he jumped good and it is not his fault that the bit was no good, totally my fault!

This picture clearly shows ourcommunication problems in the ring  

The warm up for Ice Tea went quite okey, Tina helped me, because Skin was in the stable with Alf, taking care of him! Magne is the TOP photografer 

Tightening the girt

Candy time 

Warm up jumping 

In the ring 

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Feeding the horses

I have a thing that I love to feed the horses at lunch, I love to make their food ready and give it to them! Duc making he’s cute face “begging” me to come quicker with the food😍🥕😋

We also hang out a lot in the stables 

When we were finished we went to the mall, the whole gang

Selfi genreration 😉😂

Skin was cold so I lend her my coat, and check out my shirt, so funny with the big bow and the black and pink spots!

Tina, Magen and Skin bought some sport tops, and when we were done with clothes shopping and selfie taking we went to the grocery store , and filled up the supplies for Skins personal part of the tack box!! Btw, the Milka Choco Jelly is amazing! I’m gonna eat some when the show is finished! Better to wait so I don’t get sick again! 

Check these pringles out 

This one is for you Janne Lindanger! Check out the menu of this restaurant!! They serve pomme Frits just how you like it! Poor Skin, she could not finish the dish, not a big eat’er like me and you 😂😂😂

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Flatwork Wednesday 

 Me and Alf before Flatwork!

He was so fresh, I almost feel off at first! But later on he realexed and became super! First when he was so spooky and tense I only focused on riding him forward and bending him to the right, when I bend him to the right somehow he relaxes more! -maybe because he is stronger in the right side, and when I bend him to the right and activate the left hindleg more, he work more correct and then has less time to find things to make circus trix of 😉

We rode in the warm up to the two rings Oliva and Valencia! At the same time the 7 year olds was jumping their class

Next was Ice Tea, with him infocused a lot in changing the rhythm first in Trott and then canter! With high focus on keeping him rideable and on the hindlegs all the time! If he fell out of balance and started to run I made a transition to walk 

Then it was Duc💖 time, me and Duc went first for a walk together with one of my best fiends Hannah Åkerblom and one of her horses Chodec! 

Duc is starting tomorrow, so with him today I mostly focused on checking out that the brake and gas was working as it should, and bending him to the sides, side movements, and then riding him stright. Mostly with low form, neck down and nose out!

Here is Duc following me after riding, “fishing” for carrots🐴🎣🥕🥕🥕

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Early morning heading back to Spain 

Jumped in my clothes, and my pink socks 😂 so Francois, my blog boss, or him and Eyvind is the blog bosses! Francois helps me trying to minimize the spelling mistakes and write some of the post, anyway! -Francois, I’m coming clean now, after I washed this T-Shirt I must have forgotten to take it out of the washer and I put in mine and yours underware and socks, that’s why it is pink now, SORRY! So I love fashion and I love to wear a shirt in one brand with a bag in the same brand. Daddy I love the Hermes bag you gave me, but for this trip it is to heavy! A Birkin is beautiful, but it is a heavy bag, and you can not put it on your shoulder. So since I have loads of carry with me today, I prefer a lighter bag! 

Looking forward to see the horses again, but it is always so hard to leave home and Francois❤! Today’s plan with the horses is flatwork/dressage!

Just have to put some more beach fotos of Skin, Tina, Duc and Ice Tea

This is me back in Spain, ready to go riding 

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Arrived safe home! So good to see the love of my life Francois❤

At the same time Skin and Tina took care of the guys 🐴⭐ Tina rode Ice Tea on the beach and Skin rode Duc on the beach! Alf had a day with a lot of hand walking and a little lounging!

At Home❤ -We slept in, had a long breakfast, and then we went to Geneva to do some shopping 💑🛍 and have a late lunch

You never guess who it was a preset from 😍

Mine and Francois Easter bunnys

And we also went to visit Picsou, Calla and Jill 🐴 and take care of them 

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Meet them!! Many of you probably knows that Duc has a mascot called The Kanouk! It is a little horse given to me by my dear cousin Ann-Christine Kuntze, it looks like Kanouk! Duc got it as a inspiration to start to cooperate more like Kanouk did with me! And yeah, it worked 😉

Alf has the teddy bear Alf the was on the tv show from the 80’s

And Ice Tea has all these little unicorns to be inspired to be light and fly like a unicorn around the course! 

And here are the 3 😍🐴⭐💖 and the super Skin🙋💖⭐

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The HORSE SHOPS(stands) here

There are some stands here selling horse equipment, and here are some pictures from them!

First out is Alberto and his horse shop Carma! I know him and Riki from a lot of other shows here are some of the products he has 

It is also a Galante shop here, they sell only Galante 

And this shop  here are the products they have 

And the “bit truck” from Lieven Hendrickx is here! Trust equestrian I have long been thinking about getting these cozy head colors for my chestnuts and Calla, but then again, in the truck they eat the soup and get dirty, and on the shows it is almost to warm to lead them around with these (I tend to go to shows where it is warm) so I didn’t buy it! But I really admire them! So beautyful and fluffy

These girts are so popular now  loads of bits, but normally it is actually 3 times this much  and some other things