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When I first saw you my heart ❤️

No, it was not love at first sight, but this is the story of how me and my love Francois met!

I never knew that I could love somebody this much, that all the bad things in the past are forgotten, for the privilege of falling a sleep and waking up in your arms every day❤️

You are the best that ever happened to me, and I am forever grateful for your love!

I love you more than anything in the world Francois❤️ and I will always be yours and be here for you❤️ 

So, it was at the end of my period working for Alfarvad, I had already had some other job offers that I was considering. 

But this weekend was all about fun, friends, seeing and learning the latest about show jumping, it was the weekend of Göteborg/Gothenburg Horse show!

Me and one of my best friends John Hickey and his son Luke cheered a rom at the Gothia (and no, nothing romantic there, John is like a brother to me) anyway check out John Hickey, he is a world class rider, trainer dad (to 3 amazing kids) and wonderful husband to a incredible girl Cassandra! Those two😍💖

Check out John Hickey on instagram and google, I learn something from him everyday!

Back to the story, me, John and Luke was there, I was the “horse owner” of Billy Twomy, meaning that I had access to the stables and the warm up.

So basically me, John and our friends ware hanging out at the warm up, studying how the different riders was training and warming up the different horses! 

After seeing all the classes every day on the little tv screen in the warm, I wanted to actually sit in the arena and watch the Grand Prix.

Non of my friends wanted to tag along, so I went to the riders tribune alone looking for a free seat.

It was full, except, there was a man, he was sitting down, he hold his hand on the seat on his right side,- like reserving it, but on the left side the last seat next to the stairs nobody was sitting, so I asked him kindly if I could sit there.

The man looked at me, and he said yes!

I sat down.

We ware not talking.

After a while Achaz Von B approached the man, the man who was Francois and he sat down. 

Achaz was at that time the chef d Equipe for Danmark and he knew me!

He got up and gave me a hug, afterwords he introduced me to Francois!

I then learned that Francois owned the horses of Pius Schwizer, and Achaz was there to train Pius.

Francois told Achaz and me that he had asked Helena Lundback to ride some horses for him, but she had no time. Helena Lundback was 4 th in the World Championship, and I never did anything like that, but I was a solid rider for his younger horses, and you don’t have to compete the World Championship to be that. Achaz suggested that Francois took me as a rider for the young once instead.
I was of course happy about the thought of that, and me and Francois started to talk.

We then decided to sit together for the World Cup the next day.
And so we did.

But that was only the start, more will come tomorrow!

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Best wishes