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Latex for horse bit

Check this out! This bit is called a “little gag”, and it belongs to Duc! I put a latex bandages over to make it more soft and less strong for Duc🐴💖

Getting ready for showing and are cleaning my brass so it shines! My friends already did it once, but I just felt like doing a little extra on the bridles of Duc, Ice and Alf! I use this product, Brasso! It is really good!

Awesome friends helping 😃⭐💖

I catch you guys later

April 2017, Horse Equipment, Okategoriserade

What brands I use on saddles 

I have two butet saddles, one New with double leather and one old “normal” butet  I also have one Cwd, but it is for sale, the CWD I got together with a horse that I bought.

Why I use BUTET, it is because I feel very comfortable in the saddle, it allowes me to keep my own balance and does not have to much support that forces me to sit like this or like that. I am basically “free” in the saddle!

But the most important thing is that it has a light weight and that I have one model/size that fit almost all horses I have! Or I have one wider, and one less wide! So I can always make it work with putting a pad or not!

There are the pads I use:

I have sewed the top one (beige) on top of the one under (black) to make it extra thick and shock absorbing!
So these two pads sewed together I put first on the horse back, and then I put a saddle pad! I am not sponsored by equiline, but the equiline octagon is my favorite saddle pad! It has the perfect fit, and I can cut of the one strap up there and just use the strap for the girt, and it always stays in the perfect position!

After that if the horse needs I put this pad: Acton Backpad! (I always use it on the old butet, since the saddle is old and not so “soft” anymore) 

Duc always uses the new Butet with this pad on top of the saddle pad: 

Stirrups I use the freejump! I actually just bought a new pair, a red pair! These we will ONLY use at shows, because I have heard that they can brake, and the once I use everyday can be worn out, or maybe handled ruff’ly and I want to be sure that the stirrups I use at shows are in perfect condition 

When it comes to girts I always ride with a jumping girth! Because it divides the pressure on the belly better! I also JUST want these kind of attachment for the martinggal/breastplates, I do NOT trust the carbine hook, for two reasons: 1. If the horse gets stuck in the martingal it might not “eject”, 2. It can get rusty and difficult to use

I want one of these two systems:

This is one of my girths, it is from Equipe with a removable sheep skin from LeMieux

This system with the carbine hook I do not like 

Before I check out from here today, I just give you a short update on what we have done!

Me and Francois staid a looong time in bed this morning cause we got home late from skins b-day party last night

My outfit, since I was going Gucci all day yesterday I continued with this white Gucci dress, shoes and bag 

From the party

So after waking up I went excersising up the mouintain🏃‍♀️ Then riding  Rode all the horses in the forest today since they jumped yesterday! That is pretty much it, now I am hanging out on the sofa with Francois❤ the love of my life

Picture from one of our skiing trips

Btw, check out this one

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Half time, and STARBUCKS 

Sitting comfy in a big chair at Starbucks together with 2 Coffe Frappochino light, soya milk and extra whipped cream😋

PARLANTI PASSION RIDING BOOTS 😍⭐ and bracelet with bit from Gucci to match my outfit 🎀
Started the day with some interval training with Duc, I always use over reach boots in the forest, and always while riding or longing tendon boots!

In the forest I prefer this cheep over reach bell boots, for two reasons, if we loose them, it does not cost much to buy new once, and they are easy to clean the mud off and reuse, without the long drying process of the sheep skin once!

I also always use the Eskadron in the forest and also if it is raining, or the ground is wet when we train at home also! They are just so easy to clean, I still think they rock! I know eveybody loves Veredus, but when I grew up Eskadron was the BIG THING, so it sort of stuck with me!

When I train jumping at home (if it is not to wet) I use these tendon boots and more beautiful over reach bell boots, the bell boots are from Eskadron and the tendon boots are from PS of Sweden!

This model is not real sheep skin so I don’t have to be so careful with it! That’s why I prefer this at home, and use the real sheep skin for more special occasions! But I must say, my eyes like to look at this fake shining crocco and the white teddy fluff 😍

This is me today

I am so in to the green and red Gucci💖 And also the Hermes body warmer! Francois think it is to many colors in one pice of clothing, but I like it 😉

Okey, back to the horses! Everybody has probably noticed the popularity of sheeps skin on girts! It is beautiful and good to avoid scratches in winter times! Since I live in a rather warm country and many times from the period May to September ride shows in 25 to 35 + degrees I prefer to be able to take of the fluff/ sheep skin of the girts and use just the gift! I see other people ride with the sheep skin when it is 30+, and that’s okey if they want that, but I think that is to warm for my team of chestnut horses 💖

Easy to take on and of the girt with velcro, really happy with it I must say!

Alf is a very very very awake horse, so when he is going to jump and I want him to listen to me a little extra he use this sound prof air net from equiline 😃 today I am also going to try to jump him with this baby popochini bit! His previous owner rode him with it

Now I have to go, a quick clothing change and some excersising is on the program ⛹️‍♀️😃 but I will drop in later for some evaluation about my jumping today 😘