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NEW VLOGG & 17 of May



Im on my way home from Hong Kong! I will post another post when I come home tonight! But in the mean time there is a new Vlogg out and I share it with you now! 

Have a good day guys๐Ÿ’–

This VLOGG is about jumping the second most difficult line in show jumping! It is called a “Dog Leg” 

To ride the Dog Leg good you can “brake” it up and practice bit for but and then put it all together! For being able to get the horse to listen to you, and learn to ride it correct  

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First show for me and Alf together

Hi Guys! Check out this! Here is the first round, FIRST START EVER for me and Alf! A 125 in the Oliva ring!

This one is the first start ever for me and Alf’i

Here is the second start for me and Alf, 130 in the Oliva ring

3. Start for me and Alf 130 in the Valencia ring! Bigger and new ring for me and Alf!

And also our first 140 together 

I’m so excited to hear what you think! What round was the best? Did he jump better in the bigger ring? Did I ride different when I knew a little how he would react in the show ring? Or do you guys think the 125 was good already from the start? Please comment!

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Back at it

Started the day with helping Francois and Skin, they were going to a clinic with Jill, hopefully to get some answers 

After that I put my running shoes on and went for a run/walk in the mouintain! Such a long time since I have done it now, though I would be extremely tired, but it went good! The start is very steep road, 

From a little over  the middle to the end it is like this, steep and a lot of stones! Good workout!

After that I went to the stables and this is my outfit of today 

Jacket weather 

I rode Duc first!

 He was fresh sice I did not ride him yesterday! So I just let him run forward and tried to make him relax! A fresh horse can be compared with a child that has eaten loads of candy and Coca Cola and are asked to do a mathematic test, not possible! Normally I always start with asking my horses to listen and do good transitions between the gates , like walk Trott, gallop walk, this is no point when the horse is fresh. It only engages in a possible fight! So I let him blow if his steam and then we worked a little! To do it this way, compromising, I avoided a fight, got the horse relaxed and in the end to do what I wanted without force! 

Carrot time ๐Ÿฅ•๐Ÿฅ•

Check out the legs of Duc, he is 14 and these legs are after 2 weeks of jumping and a very long transport! TOTALLY HORSE GOALS

Then we longed Duc on hard just to check and send the films to Daniel! 

When I was riding Duc Skin made Ice Tea and Alf’i ready! I went in the ridinghouse with Alf at the same time as Skin took care of Duc! 

Look how worried Alf is 

He saw Zagalo, a beautiful horse that can be a bit wild, and Alf’i is a bit afraid of him! Since he never really know what Zagalo might do! That said, Zagalo knows a lot of circus trix! Like jumping in the air on command and stuff! Alf can’t wrap his head around that, Zagalo flying trough the air making jumps with out any jumps to jump๐Ÿค”

When she was finished with Duc, me Skin, Alf and Ice went for a ride in the forest! 

Now I am chiling in bed while Francois is reading all the information papers he got about Jill sickness and trying to explain it to me! When he is finished we are going to the gym! Or I think I’m finishing this blog and going downstairs to take a taco ๐ŸŒฎ makes me sad to hear about Jill sickness 

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New VLOGG from the Show in Oliva

Hi Guys! In this VLOGG I am showing you how I remember the course and how many strides there is between the jumps, in a special way so I include how Iโ€™m going to ride each jump in my plan as I walk the course to have the best possible result!

To remember where to ride is step nr 1, to remember how many strides to ride is step nr 2, and to remember how to ride the distances and how to ride the horse is step nr 3

I also show you how I do my warm up, and I share with you my check list!

It is really good to find a system with your horse that works well and do the same every time! Both you and your horse feels more confident then!

What level you and your horse are determine what and how you are going to jump in the warm up. If you are a bit nervous but sitting on a good horse you might feel more confident to jump some higher jumps in the warm up, so it seems lower when you go in to the ring. For me the only goal for the warm up is to make the horse relaxed and warm in his body. And that he listens to me! I do not need to jump high to do that. Even if the class I am starting is 155, I many times don’t jump fore than 135 in the warm up!

A horse like Ice Tea that jumps very long i choose to jump higher on the vertical to make him jump more up before i start on the oxer.

A horse like Duc needs just a couple of jumps to be ready, he has a easy way of jumping, he is older and experienced and knows what to do. I always think about the horse health and limit the jumps i do in the warm up. It is no point to jump just to jump!

I really hope you will enjoy it! Please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel, it would also be great if you leave a comment here what you think, and if you want me to do something special in the next video!

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I slept to 11.30

You heard me, that’s when I woke up, and I went to bed at 22.30๐Ÿ˜‚ Guess I had some sleeping to catch up!

But did not even stress when I woke up I just put on my fuzzy slippers and me and Francoisโค had a long breakfast and went back to bed again! Stated to wash some dirty show clothes before I went to the stables! 

This is my stable outfit today

Adiddas long sleeves tshirt, Hermes belt and Cavalleria Toscana pants
When I got to the stable me and Skin started to pack out of the truck! Since she had a day of yesterday it was better to do it today together 

And putting the equipment back in side the stables and our lockers 

Hot tips, if you buy shavings and hay at the show, write it down what you buy, so they don’t charge you for something you didn’t get

We cleaned the tack together! I have discovered this spray, it really makes the boots look like new! Just see for yourself 



Boots perfect cleaned and out back in its place! Ps don’t wash them in the washing machine unless they really need to, I find that to much washing machine is not good for the sheep skin 

I took all the trash from the truck, and also took the saddle pads home to wash them! We have a washing lady at the stables, but I’m always afraid that my show saddle pads will be washed on to warm so they shrink or loose color! So I make a exception for them and wash them at home 

Skin took all the ice from the truck and put it back to our everyday freezer in the stables 

I ride Alf first, just very very light flatwork 

Then we longed him on hard and filmed it for sending the video to our top vet Daniel Weiss! It is a good idea to let your vet get a trotting film from your horse after a show, so he can check Eventing is okey! Without having to drive out to you for hopefully nothing, that just costs extra money! So we film it and send it to him, and then he can tell us if he needs to come or not! I always ride them first invade they are fresh, then they can buck and run with me, instead of running and falling on the hard when they are longed!

Afterwords I did the same with Ice Tea, riding first then longing

Today was a big day actually! We can finally start to ride the Giraffe Jumper  “Calla” Calavina! After months and months with a hoof abscess she is finally okey ๐Ÿ˜…
Well she put on some wight ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค”

Skin and her 

She was very calm and behaved super

I also cuddled with the guys! 

Here is Picsou and Duc! They never agree on who’s the first/best horse! Duc says he is, and Picsou says he is! Even if I jump Picsou in a 155 class and Duc did the qualifier in a 145/150 they both come in to the stables saying they jumped 160 with me, at least they behave like that ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I did not ride Duc today because he is very thin! We are going to take a test from his (shit) and check if he has worms! Tomorrow we longe him also and send to Daniel the vet

Jill have gotten a real scrub because she, Skin and Francois are driving to the clinic to try to find out what’s really been wrong with her since I can’t ride her already a long time now! We have done so much for her 

Direct when I came from the stables we went to the gym! I did not do my best effort today, almost tired from doing nothing

Now me and Francois are going to eat, and I’m going to put up show films on YouTube after! So you can watch if you want ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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After having to take some detoure’s when we were driving we arrived late late late at home! We came at midnight, long trip!

Tina took Ice out, I took Duc and Skin took Alf!

We walked the horses a bit and put them back in the boxes 

Duc was so happy to be back in his own appartment! Rolled over in the fresh shavings x 1000

We took of the tranpost rugs and bandages, let the horses be naked a little bit before they got their “home” rugs on 

We also put the hay under the water cups to make sure they can dip the hay in the water to drink more, -if they like!

How the truck looks like after hours of hours of traveling

Now we are going home to bed! Night