Quin, Ice Tea and Picsou jumped on Sunday

I really don’t want to think disappointed thoughts or think thoughts about being taken advanced of and not appreciated.

But how I feel and how others people feel in the same situation can be totally different! Does not mean that they are right or I am wrong! It means that what’s right for them is right for them, and it’s okey that something else is right for me!

I will continue to give!

I do also understand that I’m not always easy and I work on being better and better everyday! To be better than myself yesterday, even if it’s only 1% better or 0.5 % better, after 100 days I will be 50 or 100% better and that’s awesome!

I always try to do my best to motivate people around me and to be happy and work hard, and I like to make people happy and help them also!

A good thing is to talk to, not about!

Talk to, not about!

Easier said than done, but it can be done!

I am so lucky and I am blessed to have ❤️Francois, my mom and dad and my friends!

So no sad or bad vibes writing from me!

Here’s some pictures from today


Friday and Saturday 🐴🛍💑

Friday was a intensive day!

Started with my cardio mountain

Followed by one hour in line at the post office! After that I started to ride! Duc first, high speed interval training! He loves it! But im really prudent with making him completely calm before we go home! haha! Me and Duc saw these western horses camping outside Goa Masalathen Ice Tea, he had forest riding! Loads of gallop, but no high pulse and no full speed! I find that he because to hard to control if I let him go full speed

AND THEEEN ALFIII! JIPPIII! Haha, was not hard training or anything special, but so much fun to get started with him again!!

Her is my outfit! JEM in Navy, Dior t-shirt and belt, Kep ITALIA helmet (ITALIA keeps getting big with my autocorrect on the phone..) and Parlanti Passion boots JEM in Navy cost 165 euro and about 10 euro shipping word wide


Next was Teddy! Also just light work! Mostly walk and a little bit Trott after him it was forest riding with Quin! A mix between high speed and galloping long in normal speed Then Picsou! Rode him first dressage in the paddock, when I was sure he was calm and controllable we went out for a gallop in the woods also

Btw, I have sewed a bandages pad like this, so the guys can have it in the front of the rug without the horse next to them can pull it off

in the evening me and ❤️Francois went to the gym

Today me and ❤️Francois woke up early, cause a cozy time in town and maybe some shopping was on the plan!

Tina was clipping Duc so I took care of the guys myself! Light dressage for Ice Tea, he felt good after yesterday’s work and was not stiff! He had energy and felt good! When I was finished riding he had paddock time so I let him go out with his Iceboots on!

Quin, Picsou and Jill was handwalked, and got to eat a lot of grass

Teddy and Alf’i is like Friday, light light work! Both are behaving very good

Is wearing JEM ONE SEEM black/pink, Gucci sweater and belt!

Teddy! Such a sweet horse

So to town! Had lunch at Laduree did some shopping wearing Dior jacket, Alexander McQueen skirt? Christian Louboutin shows, Chanel bag and had dinner at the Casino

Check us out in matching colors


Thursday and chill

Since all the horses jumped yesterday they had a chill day today! And so did I!

I slept long with ❤️Francois!

Went to the Gym

And then to the stables!

Had a Dressage training with Tina and Laziano She is wearing JEM ONE SEEM!

And hand walked my horses so they all could get some grass

Went to the gym one more time in the evening together with ❤️Francois!

Got these beautiful pictures of me and Duc from a very talented girl Eloïse durand



Wednesday and jumping

Me and ❤️Francois woke up at 06.30 to eat breakfast and go to the stables!

Fixed a little on the jumps, a bit cold in the morning so I was wearing this Monclear jacked I got for Christmas! Thank you!

Picsou was first horse to jump today! The exercises today was the gymnastic and a course! Actually the gymnastics was in the middle of the course this time!

Picsou jumped great and was listening to me very good today ❤️Francois was happy! Love when he comes to train me

Picsou! So cute and satisfied with the carrots Ice on all 4 legged and some carrots in the box

Next horse was Quin! We had a really good training today! Felt more like a team now! Went very good I must say

Here you can see my outfit! JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches in Navy blue, Chanel top and belt, Kep Italia helmet, and Parlanti Passion boots

Then 🐴Duc! Very hot today, so not such a long warm up! He has a lot of fur so he gets really sweat in this weather! He jumped AMAZING! So we only had to take the course one time! Ice Tea felt tired today already when we started to ride! So I took that in consideration for his training today! Not to much! Jumped a couple of jumps and worked him longer in dressage after

Teddy got new shoes and can start to ride on Friday!

Alf’i got a small exercising today! Good boy!

Me and ❤️Francois went home and head a really good steak and home made banana split

We went also to the gym in the evening! But light work today

I got this sweet message on instagram today

I also got a lot of good feedback on the Pro horse international instagram! Seems like the majority prefers that we keep it natural so no modes or photo shopped pics! So you can see the pants on everyday girls like me and our beautiful customers! Got these picture for a happy customers today



Tuesday and loads of help from ❤️Francois

❤️Francois is my SUPERHERO!

When he feels something is wrong or I’m sad he really does everything to make sure I’m okey! Of course we can also disagree like all couples, but he does not accept that other people or circumstances makes me sad! Then he does more than everything to help and make everything good again!

And I am truly blessed to have a man like him❤️ my 👑KING❤️FRANCOIS👑

I just copy some of the text out from the pro horse on instagram! Was late in the stables cause we had time for jumps building after 20.00, gave me and him time to go running at home and sunbath on the balcony!we had Lunch at the Casino! SOO GOOD!

And went to the stables together 💑

Then stables! Me and ❤️Francois had the horses alone today!

Started with riding 🐴Picsou⭐️, we went in the forest and be behaved well😅.

Next was 🐴Duc💖, we had a power walk together after his hard training yesterday!

🦄Quin⛄️ did dressage, tried a 5 pice gag bit, but it was not the right match for us!

🐴ICE❄️TEA🍹 had forest riding today also! Much more calm today!

❤️Francois took 🐴Alf’i💫 and 🐴Teddy🐻 for a walk!

When we had tucked the horses in good night 😴 it was after 20.00 ridingschool was finished and we could put up the jumps for tomorrow! 🙋‍♀️I’m wearing #JEM🐴 that used to be white that I have colored yellow🙌 Fendi T-shirt, Hermès belt, #kepitalia and #parlantipassion




And I got a VERY VERY nice message from a Swedish girl who was so happy and grateful for her new #JEMONESEEM🐴 she won at the giveaway! To make other people happy makes me happy to 😃 she will send me pictures tomorrow and I can’t wait to get them! And I also had a very very nice message from a suisse customer also! Thank you so much guys!

And thank you again to the people who took time to comment on my blog

If you want to order JEM in Yellow, buy a white one and write in the comment under thatyou want me to make it Yellow!


Monday and vet check!

Started the day with my cardio mountain! Woke up early and started to run

After that I went to the post and shipped some pants sold at the web shop! JIPPIII! Looking forward to everyone get their orders! Yes, stopped to get some petroleum and saw this new Ben n Jerry’s! Bought it, was sooooo good!

Went to the stables afterwords! Tina had already made Duc ready and me and him went out on some interval training! It has been raining tonight so the ground was soft again! Duc got really really sweat! We had so much fun together

Next was Picsou! And here’s my outfit! JEM ridingbreeches in Bordeaux, Louis Vuitton t-shirt, belt and bracelet, Kep Italia helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

I follow these ridingtights on facebook! They got like 205 K and get loads of likes and sales on their tights! So I thought I need to be more like them!

So this is me trying to be more cool like these girls! I think I have to practice a little more..

Picsou and me had dressage, focused a lot on him being active with the hinglegs and being soft in the hand! We had to do a lot faster shorter faster, like 8 forward 8 slow, and focus that he stays active behind and soft in the mouth when I take him back! Still need to do more of this though.. he got a new rug also! Look how cute he is!!

Then Daniel came and checked all the horses, all horses good to work! Even Alf’i! We can Powerwalk tomorrow and start riding! We will still control his temper every other day and blood values every two weeks!

After that me and Tina went to Starbucks to celebrate wearing Gucci dress, shoes, bag and Sunglasses

When we came back I rode Quin in the forest! He loves it, when he gets of the concrete! Haha always nervous about walking a certain part from the stables to the forest trail

I rode Ice Tea also in the forest! He was really super! Got to gallop A LOT! Happy though!

Alf’i got a new rug! Teddy got the same rug! Looking forward to ride him, although he will be.. WILD!

in the evening I tried the worst Pepsi ever!!!!! Don’t buy


Sunday chill!

Had plans to get up really early and go to the pool today also! But staid in bed with ❤️Francois instead, and we did not stress with the breakfast ether! Nice, cause it has been go go go the last couple of weeks!

Went to the stables and started with some dressage with Picsou! He was totally calm today! We had jumping but the only horse I was gonna jump with was Ice! Since the other horses had a couple of days calm it’s not fair to jump the second day back to work! Picsou and me had to train on transitions, cause he had forgotten how to do them smooth 😂 went perfect again in the end!

Next was Duc! Wanted to go out with him, but I think the forest is to har right now! Need some rain to make the ground softer! So dressage for him in the big pad! Loads of collected canter! His fur/coat is so popped out that he was swearing A LOT! But worked very very good today! Listen super and was easy to ride

Then Quin! Here’s my outfit! JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, Tommy Hilfiger top, Gucci belt, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti passion boots!

Quin felt good today! Worked A LOT on his straightness, his goal is to always ride on two lines, he always want to keep his back inside to the left, on the left way! When I ride on the right he wants to keep the left hind leg outside the line of the front legs! My goal is to keep in straight! Went good but have to focus A LOT!

Then some jumping time when Ice Tea! We only jumped some small jumps to practice rid-ability, and two higher verticals with V poles to go more in the air! He was TOP!

Fun fact! When it’s this warm I don’t warm up Ice Tea and Duc so long before jumping! Because if they are getting high pulse from the warm up or feeling a bit tired from warming up they get more hot with the jumps! So I warm up short and work them longer after!

Had Picsou on the treadmill and helped out with the ice on the horses legs before I went home! So Tina only had to take the last bridles!

Now I’m gonna go to the gym with ❤️Francois and hopefully go early to bed!


Saturday, riding, pool and dinner out💑

No sleeping long for us today! early up for a Saturday in the Leiser family!

Eat our pancakes and headed to the stables!

I started to ride Picsou! Here’s my outfit: JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches black pink, Chanel t-shirt, belt, bracelet, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet!

Picsou was fresh as …. the vet checked all the horses and him and some other once have had some days of walk! This is smart to do from time to time, then you can avoid horses getting injured. And really good idea to know your horses legs, what’s normal for your horse?

Next one was Quin! He also had a couple of days walk, but was perfectly well behaved! He felt good, did light dressage! WHAT??? I ate the LAST CARROT?? GO AND BUY MORE

Then Duc time! We went for a hand walk together first! Look how happy and then riding! Had to be very concentrated in the transitions, cause she. I said walk he said trooooooottttt ttttt , walk! Must be Trott walk! Became better and better!- in the end of the training it was back to normal Last one to ride for me today was Ice Tea! He was so stiff after his interval training yesterday! So only focus on working softly away the sore muscles! He felt better and much more supple in the end of the training!

What teddy and Alf’i did you can read about on my Pro Horse Instagram! Need more attention there and are sleepy, so no long explanation both places!

Me, ❤️Francois and Tina went to the pool in the afternoon!

Since I had started with Chanel today I followed trough! Bikini, Bag, bracelets, necklace, sandals and earrings all Chanel and yes, I still don’t approve the hate comments that I’m to fat to be on these kid of pics! I’m happy with me, you are perfect just the way you are and so am I! Hate comments goes directly in the trash! I am working on being eve more in shape, so no need for attacks!

❤️Francois and me! Really good restaurant at the pool! around 17.30 me and Tina went for a 30 min run! We both have our fitness goals to archive

I jumped in a Ted Baker too and the 3 of us went to a amazing Chinese to have dinner!


Friday, mountain and riding

Haha! Had Tina with me up the cardio mountain today! And SHE DID REALLY WELL! Although she complain A LOT in the beginning! I was like, your doing great not far now!


But then when she suddenly realized that we were up, she was like, was not so bad!

Me on the top, next to the train station

I had some errands to run and Tina went to the stables to put some horses on the treadmill and walk Quin!

When I go there we had a MASSIVE AEQUIPMENT video spam on Instagram!

The Schou brothers Andreas and Christian has made their own equestrian gear! I have know the two ever since I lived in Danmak and always looked up to their riding of perfection! Their really top horses that are taken care of in the best possible way! And how friendly and helpful they are with everybody!

They have ridden EVERYTHING! Many championships and also Global Tour! Andreas has been nr 9 in the Europeans! AMAZING!

Not only do they have the equestrian collection ! They sell horses, they sell trucks and cars, and they have a lot of VERY VERY successful students! So if you are looking for a new TOP horse or a TOP trainer, does not matter where you live, they will welcome you in their team



So the equestrian collection did not disappoint! Every single detail for function and fashion was already thought of! And the fabric and material/ leather is PERFECT!!!!!

You can visit AEQUIPMENT here


I did also ride today! Started with Duc that got to ride with his new saddle girth and bandages from AEQUIPMENT since he has had a couple of days off, he was fresh so I rode him inside! He thinks riding inside is boring so he does not bother to try any tricks! He was nice and soft to ride!

Next was Ice Tea! Forest riding for him! And here’s my outfit:

JEM ridingbreeches in Navy. Hermès belt , pullover and scarf! Parlanti boots and Kep ITALIA helmet

Ice Tea did intervals today! He behaved toll so good! Not strong at all!

The other horses had just walking and I will ride them again tomorrow!

Nice Friday home with ❤️Francois


Wednesday and Thursday SumUp

On Wednesday me and Tina took a day off, and so did the horses!

We went to Geneva! Look

At us! So excited about our meek! This place is just soooo good! had lunch at Laduree! when it came to choose a desert we were both stuck between two cakes, so we took both and split them in two

I had with me two outfits, one more elegant! Gucci shirt, dress and shoes

Tina also! One totally check, beautiful after luck a little bit more casual,

LOVE THAT JEANS VEST OVER THE DRESS! Makes it really cool together with the sneakers and the scarf! Did not get a snap at her with all her bags, but it was 🛍🛍🛍and even more casual for some speed shopping! Haha I know all the walking it will be when we start together! I was very much in doubts about the jeans vest.. I was like, hmmm is that cool? What will you use it with?? And she was like LOADS OF STUFF! And I agree, jeans vest really WORKSso I had also packed a back up outfit! A little unusual, but I thought it really worked! I had a dress and took one of the man Supreme Louis Vuitton hoodie! I have cut it a little on the side so I can use it like this, sneakers on to keep up with the Tina speed check also out my matching bracelet, we are talking serious monogram commitmentcut it a little to make the style work! Do you think it’s cool, me combining my more classic style with this, more comfy? Be honest! Her you see my scissors work

Went to the stables in the evening to check at the horses

Today I rode flat work with Ice Tea, we had build a course out of poles and i practiced that! I pretended it was Jumps and rode it like it was! I also rode dressage on him before and after he was a really good boy! We had some pictures taken yesterday to show off how the JEM L is as cool in the stables as in town! And that you can just change your shoes and go to town and feel confident with the JEM L! Here I ride Ice Tea wish the JEM Land here I am in town when the exactly same outfitTina also! The seems on the JEM L give a really nice figure and they are so comfy to wear, feels like jogging pants or night pants!

What the other horses did you probably saw on my story today!

Here is the link to the web shop


And here is such a crazy VLog I made a while ago! LOL!