Sunday, no Grand Prix for us this week!

Started the day with Breakfast by the pool and a run to the show, just to say hello to Anneli and the horses!

I don’t jump the Grand Prix this week, cause it’s a 3* and without Picsou here we need to work more to be on that level! 

I jogged back to the hotel!

My suite:

 A closer look:

Packer up and checked out! Went back to the show to watch the Grand Prix! And at 13.00 it was my turn to jump 135 with Ice Tea first!

Had a good round with one down! He was really rideable and jumped great 

Duc was in the same class and he was also super! I was going a little against the clock, and had one down with him also! After I had the one down I slow up a little and jumped the rest of the course clear

Flat work for Alf’i today, and hand walking with the Giraffe! 

Maybe Verbier next week for Ice and Duc! Not Alf’i, the ring is insane there 😂😂😂 super small, up and down hill and VERY SPOOKY! No place me and Alf want to be!


Saturday morning

Had breakfast by the pool today! 

And then I jogged over to the stables! 

My class does not start before 18.00 tonight so I was just going to ride Duc and watch Calla jump with Licio!

Me and Duc did some light dressage and he was a very good boy! 

Calla had a good round with Licio with one down! 

Now we have feed the horses! Annali had walked Ice Tea and Alf since they are jumping tonight!

I jogged back to the hotel, got the care and went to pick up Anneli in the stables  So we are relaxing by the pool! The bikini is from a little bikini shop in SanRemoThe sunglasses are matching the bikini

Lunch by the pool 

So sice I have nothing more to write for the moment I thought I give you a tour of the show facility here! 

The whole place HORSE RIVIERA RESORTit is a lot of places like this with excotic fishes on the facility’s 

The  stables next to the big arena

The warm up to the Grand Prix ringThe entrance to the big ring, photo taken from he warmup 

Walker and the stables 

Stable “village” 

Our stables 

The road to our stables (back road)

The shops and cafeteria 

The warm up tent and the other ring 


Friday, LR class in the morning

I had a quick breakfast and jogged to the show! Walked the course for the CSI*** Grand Prix qualifier that also is the ranking class of today! I jumped Ice Tea, his first 3 star big class!!

The 140 started right after and I was NR 06 with Alf’i and NR 29 with Duc. Two down with Alf’i! 


Was so stressful to get Duc ready, cause the two has the same saddle! When Anneli was taking care of Alf I went to the warm up with Duc! The time was so short so she had no chance making it up to the warm up to help me and Duc with the jumps, so I jumped two verticals on 1 m and one oxer on 120 before it was my turn. Duc is such a great horse so we had a good round with one down although the warm up was not ideal! CHECK OUT THE TEMPERATURE! This is me just finished riding! Me and Anneli went to eat in the cafeteria and we took care of the horses together, so I had changed my shirt, and my boots of 
Here are one of the shops at the show! Took some pictures since I know you guys like equipment! Should I do a post of the whole area?

Sice the classes stared so early today we went to the pool after feeding lunch to the horses! 

Bikini from Teznis 

When we were fried enough we went to get GELATO🍦

Same flavors every day! The cone filled with whipped cream, then snickers, then banana, then amrena, then whipped cream and strawberry saus! What snap chat says 

What the car says 

After Gelato we went back to the stables! I waked Duc and Alf, and Anneli did everyting else! Water, mucking, brix, feeding, waking Calla and Ice Tea! I gave this jacket to the nabours lovely daughter! And I’m not afraid to get dirty on my clothes! HORSES FIRST😍🐴 I just took of my sandals and put on the espadrilles

Me and Alf went up to the big ring to eat some apples! Positive reenforcement 



Welcome to my blog! You can comment on any post you want to win! It does not have to be this one!

Had a good day yesterday, after filling my belly with Ice Cream I got a ride with one of Francois friends home, so we landed in Bex and I could sleep some hours at home and get some important stuff I had forgotten! Im a bit tired today, but I’m gonna do my best anyway! 

Have a great day everyone! 💖


Thursday Alf’i clear😍

Breakfast at the hotel and a run to the stables 

Ice Tea and Alf’i was jumping the 130, Ice as NR 12 and Alf as 39. Calla was jumping in the other ring with Licio! (He’s might just buy her) so me and Anneli had to make the 3 horses ready before the start of Ice Tea! 

I plaited Ice Tea while Anneli saddled Calla and brushed Alf so it would go quick to put the saddle over on Alf after Ice Teas start! The guy who had Calla want to use his own saddle so we just put the NR on the box, the bridel, breastplate and the boots on

I had a super round with Ice Tea in the 130 with one down in the jump off! He jumped great and was relaxed and calm! You guys probably think it’s strange that I just jumped him good in 145 and now I did 130? But this is to make a effort to keep the horses consistant and happy! It has to be fun to come in the ring, and I want me and the horse to get a feeling of ease, sense of achievement, without making to many efforts! 

Next one was Alf’i! He was really top and I rode good today! And we was double clear 

Alf’i and me posing with out new BFF, the nabours LaBrAdOuDL

Calla came back to the stables approximately the same time as us! She has also jumped good! But Licio said she need to be more “focused on the saddle” meaning the rider, than to focus and look at everything that happens around! 

Anneli showerd both Alf and Calla! I took care of Alf and she Calla! I feed the horses, loads of hay, carrots and also their Musli! Check out Duc, he likes the carrots better than the Musli

Ice Tea prefers to eat the Musli first! 

When this was done, I went to the pool and Anneli finished up in the stables! I asked her to come, but she wanted to relax in the truck! Duc’S class is not before 16.00 and I am 54 in the class! 

Pool time for me! Bikini of the day! Hermes, Hermes bracelet and slippers! 

Had a really good lunch at the pool restaurant I was NR 54 in the 140 that started 16.00, so I went to walk the course at 15.40, I was expected the warm up to be full of horses and riders! But NOBODY was there! I got a brief panic and was scared that the class already was finished. But then somebody told me it would start at 17.00 instead, since it was so hoooot! 😅 I was reliefed! I changed my show shirt to a normal tshirt and put on my “gold” Chanel Espadrilles since my boots are warm warm warm to walk around in, and helped out Anneli a little so when Duc was finished it would not be so much to do for her! Here me and Alf are on the evening walk 

Duc was really good! He jumped great, but was a little strong, I had two down in the end of the course, then I made a transition to walk, a circle and got a better feeling with him and me more in balance on the hind legs, and jump the rest of the 14 jumps course clear 

Calla had a evening training session with Licio! He said she is very dominant, and at this moment he is the boss, but perhaps in 30 min she is the boss again! He says he really loves her! And that’s super 😃😃😃

I cleaned the last tack, and the bling polish for tomorrow 😉💎

Finally some GELATO MANIA🍦

Outfit of the evening! ICE Cream, snicker, banana and amarena! 

Skirt and top: Chanel, Hermes sandals, Fendi bag , pink Gucci glasses 


Wednesday and training in San Giovanni☀️

Started my morning with breakfast at the hotel and a run to the stables 

First for me today was Calla! We did some training jumping at the clear round today! Although the rounds was not bad last week I feel like we are not communicating good. Last show she was on she was ridden by skin and we ride very different ! So i am trying to get her to wait for me, but at the same time stay in front of the leg! Here are two rounds with skin and Calla

And two rounds with me and Calla!

In this 135, callas first 135 I felt she was “over jumping ” a little and that the communication was not working down to the double! You can see when I try to collect her she falls a part a little. 
Here are some pictures from today

Next was Duc! And here you see my outfit! Hermes shirt, belt and bracelet, parlanti passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet 

Duc got my favorite climatex bandages onwith Duc today I rode him first long and loose, followed by some collected Trott and canter, then a little light jog and canter with head up on long reins, before I made him long and low again! He was super today! 

Then Ice❄️Tea🍹 he had basically the same job as Duc! But needed 1000 transitions cause he kept putting up the speed by himslelf! I was like when I say this phase please stay in the phase before I say something different, he pretended not to hear me and was like one, two , GOOOOOO! But was good in the end of the training 😉

Me and Alf’i rode dressage in the clear round ring! He was not tired today I can tell you! He had not been there before and had enough energy to try some tricks on me! When he was finished with that, he was REALLY PERFECT! 

So hot today, so after riding it was pool time! Today I have my Louis Vuitton bikini, bag and bracelet on! Dior glasses 

So good to chill like this! 

When I was enough fried I helped with taking Ice Tea to the vet check, and Mickey out a little! So me and Anneli can go to town together! She has 10000% control over EVERYTING, and does not need my help at all! But it’s nice to sometimes give a hand! 
We have a cooler bag with water and Pepsi in the stables me and Ice Tea and his team of unicorns! He just got the two new once, they are on the left in he picture!  Anyway, check out my stable outfit, CoCo Cuba Chanel long sleeve t-shirt, Chanel belt, espadrilles, earrings and sunglasses, bag alarmist same outfit in town, posing with my ice cream from 🍦GELATO MANIA🍦 I just put my Chanel sandals and a different Chanel bag, and wooopi, totally more classy outfit! 

Got this one on the marked! So cute! Check out the Francois❤️ bracelet! 
Other once at the marked! But thought they was a little to bigb but the Starbucks is amazing 


Tuesday and back to 🐴HORSE🏝RIVIERA 🏄‍♀️ RESORT 

Got up really early! Truck driver dresss on, although I am driving the normal car😉😂 and went back to San Giovanni The famous truck driver dress

When I got back I picked up Anneli in the stables and we went to the pool together! It’s a really hot day so it was better to wait to ride in the afternoon! 

Bikini of the day! Teznis with pinapple 🍍the pool here is BIIG! It’s a paradise 

When it was a little bit cooler I jogged to the stables and started to ride Alf’i! He was very calm! I rode light dressage in the big Grand Prix ring! Totally relaxed! Head down, no spook! Just really good! Maybe he was a little tired so I did not overdue the training today! 

Next was Calla! On the program for her it was jumping the big water! I already showed her this last year, so she walked nicely trough it!when I put some speed and wanted to jump it she for a moment pretended that she never did it before! But with some friendly convincing she did it good! 😂😂😂😂This picture! I’m grabbing the mane just in case 😂look her feat😂😂😂

Thinking about doing it

Doing it

Next was Ice Tea! And here you see my outfit! Gucci belt and bracelet, guess top, cavalleria Toscana pants! 

Relaxing dressage for him in the Grand Prix ring! 

Duc has been attacked by fly’s so his neck is covered by swollen bits! He had to move in to the Sebra blanket, and was really unhappy about it since it’s a lot warmer then my SO ZEN rug he normally use! I did not ride him because of the swollen bits on the neck, but took him for a walk up to the Grand Prix ring and gave him apples! So he has loads of positive memories from being there 😉

Now I’m going to bed 😴



Sleept a looong time cozy in bed with my love❤️Francois! 

And went to take care of Picsou and make his food, and take care of Jill

Picsou was really surprised to see me, since his friends are not home he did not expect me to be ether! Look at this face! He had to look twice before he came over to me😍😂

Little brushing 

Making LOADS of food for Francois so he has when I am in Italy!

We had a cozy dinner at home and went early to bed 


Sunday and GRAND PRIX DAY 

Started the day with a quick breakfast at the hotel, followed by jogging to the show! 

Calla was first, we had to warm up in the little tent and jump in the smaller ring! She is actually maybe sold now 

The sun came out after and I had a short brake before the Ford Grand Prix that I was going to ride both Alf’i and Ice Tea in!

Alf was start NR 2 and we had a good round with one down! He jumped great! I just need to learn to know him a little better! But he was super 

Ice Tea had start NR 32 so me and Anneli had to be effective to get Ice ready and she had to take care of Alf before she could come up to the warm up and help me with Ice! 

Work in progress 

Ice Tea and me had one of our BEST rounds! Two down was the result! But really good! I put the film on Instagram so you can see!

After jumping Ice Tea gets first class treatment from Anneli 

Duc had a day of from the show today! So me and him rode dressage! Here I am posing in my JEM riding pants 

Duc was nice and relaxed today! I worked a lot on him being light I the hand on the snaffle! And he was good! 

We feed the horses

And went to realax a little by the pool before I went home to my 👑KING ❤️Francois

Outfit pre swim

Outfit swim 

The pool is really good! And good food 

My pink sunglasses 😂😎

So after a long hours I jumped in the car and drove home to Suisse 🇨🇭 and my love❤️ sooo good to be back in his arms 😍And Francois was happy and proud about me and he horses this week!