Picking up Picsou at Equitom


Rode a little quick in the morning, Duc and Alf before I hooked the trailer on and headed direction Equitom!

Finally Picsou is coming home!

I brought with me Prince as company. We bought him at a auction and we never had our own vet check on him so we thought it was good that our own vet would look at him!

luckily everything went fine!

I sleep over in Belgium and headed home the day after! As normal the clock goes so quick at Equitom and I leaned so much so I didn’t hit the road before 16.00, and that meant that I got home in the middle of the night with the two horses

❤️Francois is the worlds GREATEST and came to help me safely load the horses out! LOVE HIM


Mostly normal days

You probably get it by now that I don’t blog everyday!

So I guess I mostly blog when I do something that I think is more fun for you to read about, like jumping and stuff!

Most days look like this, I do cardio, ride dressage, do handwalking and ride in the forest! Cuddle with my horses and yeah, maybe not so funny to read about!

I really make sure the horses get a good variation in their training!

Love it when ❤️Francois comes to the stables! This day he came to coach me while I did some flat work over poles with Alf’i


Grand Prix time

Morning was as usual! Duc was happy!

Today my friend Nene, from Selleria Sandri helped me on the warm up! She made it perfect for us! No stress and we got to jump exactly what we needed what was ironic was that when Nene was putting on the hindboots on Duc, we was about 3 m away from the vertical standing on its side, so 3 m from the vertical on the side. when a girl asked us to go totally away so she could jump the vertical. Okey no problem! I want everyone to have their best possible warm up! So we moved and put the hindboots on later!

The ironic part was that this girl started before me in the ring, and just when I was about to start, she had finished her round all the way up in the other side of the arena she gallops straight in my way, so I had to pull up Duc, she didn’t stop her horse but just bolted. I got a bit late to start and rode to fast to Nr 1 and had that down. Had one more down after that also. But you were placed on 4 faults! It was not the girls fault my 2 poles, but it made me loose some of my concentration , and time

Anyways, it could not have happened and I could have had two down anyway, he jumped great. Just hope everyone who read this will be extra careful when they are at shows and stays away from the person that is going to compete

Duc jumped amazing! Wish I would have ridden better

The girl was very nice and came to apologize afterwords! So that was nice, surly she didn’t mean it, but it’s easy that these things happens even to the best of us. I just wished that I would have kept my concentration better! But okey!


Saturday and handwalking!

Only hand walking for Duc today! Since he is a older experienced horse and we have a good relationship it’s important for me that he is fresh for the Grand Prix and also stays healthy so I am carful with how I use him. we also meet a lot of our amazing Instagram followers!

Between feeding, waking and mucking out I had time for some pool hang at the hotel also finished sewing stars on my saddle pad!

Dinner at the hotel in the evening too always a big nigh feed buffet for Duc. In the evening too


Grand Prix qualifier

Woke up to this amazing view and headed to the stables to feed, muck out and walk with Duc

Had a quick look at the course before I went back to the hotel for breakfast and a run on the beach

Duc outfit for the Grand Prix qualifier! This is the first time he has jumped since we were Nr 6 in the Grand Prix of Busto! I was not worried he would be to fresh, I trust him! He was perfect! One down, but a fast time and qualified for the Grand Prix!

The day went by to cool his legs, walk him, feed, muck out and clean tack!

In the evening I ate at the very nice restaurant of the hotel


Heading for the show in Cervia

Woke up early and went to pick up Duc! We had a good trip down to Cervia! and Duc was happy to get a box full of shavings Vet check went fine! I didn’t ride him today! Only walk two times!

Got a really nice 5* hotel

That was decorated by Versace

After checking in I went back to the stables to walk Duc and feed him! Then room service! To tired to go out and want to be sharp for the GP qualifier tomorrow


Packing for the show

Day started as i like it! My cardio! Was so cold on the mountain that I had to put double hoodies on when I got up ! looked totally crazy ! Hahaha! These hoodies are so slim to the head that I don’t think it looks so good as other “normal “hoodies

Alf’i on the treadmill! He is soo good at it! I really think he likes it! While he was walking there I put the rest of the things for the show in the trailer! Since I’m only going with Duc we just take the trailer! most goofy pic ever of Alf! Haha

Duc doesn’t like to go on the treadmill, he goes on and walks calm for 5 min before he panics and want to jump off, since he is not going to ride today in preparation Duc style for the show we had a long cozy handwalk

Hand walks also with these guys And Prince to! Since he has felt a little tired I thought it was better to give him a week of just walk, since I’m going to the show tomorrow and Molly is not home to ride him anyway

This pretty much sums up the training with Alf’i today! Haha! It was exciting! I love calm Alf, but I also like him like this! Since this is how he usually is! Love him no matter what


Dressage and visit to the Ferrari factory

The day started as usual, first Duc, then back to the hotel for breakfast for me!

Went back to Duc again and did some loosening dressage! To make him stretch out his body from the jumping yesterday

Love to take care of him! He is such a good boy! Best friend

He was really good to ride today, not stiff at all! When I was finished riding and cooling his legs, I feed him and drove to the Ferrari factory in Maranello! Francois has arranged that I could go and visit!

It was very strict and you were not allowed to take pictures inside the factoryhad a amazing time!

Went back to Duc, walked, mucked out and feed him, followed by a great dinner at the hotel oh yeah! Got a new Ferrari jacket