Sunday at CHI Geneva

Haha! Has decided not to overeat at the very good breakfast at the hotel today..That was “round 1″😂 ate so much that I didn’t have the power to carry my bag back to the room! Thank you ❤️Francois

I’m not kidding, but I slept two hours after breakfast! When ❤️Francois wanted to move in the bed I hugged him hard and NOOO 10 more min! 10 more min lead to two hours😂

When we went to the show I went to say hello to some friends at the stables! Great that the grooms can park their trucks inside so they don’t have to go outside Incase of bad weather!

Looked a little in the shops also! Bought 6 head collars in leather with the horses names on them! Wowowow!

I almost never write something negative on the blog but here it comes! I don’t think anyone should buy something with this material on for their horses! Its some very sharp plastic treads inside that can hurt the horses if the mesh gets a bit wore out!

Also this pad is a JOKE!!!!! DONT BUY IT! You buy a pad for your horse because the saddle doesn’t fit 100%! Then you have to have a pad that relies the pressure where the saddle is not fitting!

So it’s easy! Push with your fingers on the pad you are thinking about buying, and if your fingers makes the pad “give up” and be pushed together it is NOT RIGHT! The same with memory foam pads!! NO NO NO!

Gel pads and some sheepskin pads are good! This is a BIG NOOO if the saddle doesn’t fit dont buy it! If it is to look beautiful I guess you can go for it..

Ba careful for saddle pads with the same material on the middle!! DONT BUY IT!

The Rolex Grand Slam Grand Prix was very exciting got to meet more of my amazing followers

And yeah! Her is my outfit of the day

When we came home we had some snow! Went for a one hour long power walk with a very thick jacket and these heavy boots! Good workout

And yes! Got a post card from Quin and Ted


Saturday at CHI Geneva

We had a long sleep before I ate like 10 croissants at breakfast

Haha! Makes sense when you go straight to cardio after

Since my lack of motivation to run on the treadmill I took the train to Geneva and run by the lake

Stopped by Hotel Kempinski to see their Christmas tree!

Went back to the hotel! ❤️Francois took some pictures of me in my new sweater

And we headed to watch the show!

Meet some more of my amazing followers

Went back to the hotel for some half time! And I did a session at the hotel Gym

Back to the show again watching the 150 speed class

Pius came by! Read the caption on the picture


Friday and heading to CHI GENEVA

My morning started early with my cardio mountain, before I headed to the stables!

I was on a tight schedule because ❤️Francois was picking me up at 14.30 to go and see the show in Geneva!

I went for a long forest ride with Duc, and we did some hard interval training! I thought is was a good plan since he is going to have a easy weekend with just walking and paddock when I’m in Geneva! happy wine cooling rug, ice boots and hay after

Had the horses on the treadmill and groomed them

Haha! Look at Alf’i in this picture! Catching carrots

Then ❤️Francois picked me up and we headed direction Geneva but first some Mc Donald’s haha

❤️Francois has brought a packer that had arrived with DHL!

It was a delivery from my new sponsor Graziella in SanRemo


it was a beautiful sweater from Versace

Me and ❤️Francois are horseowners for Harrie Smolders this weekend! So that’s GREAT!

I was really luck to meet some of my awesome followers my outfit, courage skirt and top, Chanel bag, Christian Louboutin customer made for me shoes😍🙌 Burberry scarf

We watched the top 10 final and it was really inspiring to see all the good horses and riders!


My ❤️parents house❤️

So I grew up in the mountains in a town called Narvik! We basically live in the alpine area of the mountain! Really close to the ski-cross piste also!

We live just the street up from where my grand parents used to live and the house just up from my best friend Hanne Marit and there she is waving to me while i stand on our big veranda and she is outside her parents house

We are still best friends today and always make time to hang out when we both are in town! She has a super important job now, while taking higher education on the side! Very proud of her and look up to her a lot!!me, here and her brother, normally also her older sister always have a walk up here, to the water station to look out over town together our dogs! Fox terrier name is: Snuffi! Pomeranian: Bamse! Means Teddy bear!

Bamse gets to eat a little at the table 😍

Wearing PJ to at least 12 a clock is totally okey when it’s Christmas time

We still have my old horse truck that my daddy made for me himself

We also went to visit Skjomen! Where I used to have one of my horses when I lived in Narvik! I also used to work at the riding school! Here I am with Rolf Thoresen that thought me everything about horsemanship

This Norwegian Fjordhorse name is Dina! And she came to the ridingschool when I was around 16, she’s over 20 now!

Really good old friends that I used to ride and train together with! So good to see them

New girls and new horses

Lille Vera have the JEM L! She’s a beauty

When it was time for me to go home again my parents drove me to the buss! It left at 04.40 in the morning ! They are the best


Hometown Narvik for Christmas

Yeah! I of course had to visit my parents this Christmas!

Had to take 3 planes to get there! Geneva-Copenhagen, Copenhagen-Oslo, Oslo-Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes!

In Oslo they had this beautiful 🎄and a chair for me to hang out in😉💁‍♀️this board though! Look! At 20.00 gate 19 it’s a plane to the Christmas Star!

Had some Norwegian Ice Cream while waiting for my plane

At the airport in Narvik the ground staff had put on Santa hats! So cute

My dad picked me up at the airport and when we got home the dogs and also my mom was so happy to see me

Next day I woke up to a Christmas stocking! Placed perfectly on my bed ! I am so happy that my parents keeps traditions alive! Will never be to old for this! Did some last minute Christmas shopping! Had to go to the sport shop and get some Norwegian brands! Also some shiny stockings

In the evening we had the big Christmas dinner

Followed by dessert

and present opening special Christmas ornaments that has to be on our tree😍

My parents was very happy with their gifts and so was I 😍🎅🏻🎁🎄after opening presents we always eat this cake! So good


✨Happy🥂New🍾Year🎇 ☃️Best wishes🍀 from us💑🐴🦄to you and your family💖

New Years🎇✨🥂🍾

haha! My dessert after breakfast! In the car down to do my cardio!

After cardio I went to the stables! Handwalked Alf’i Picsou on the treadmill Duc was in the paddock eating carrots of course! Jill to! She was in the paddock but also got carrots in her box! It’s New Years after all Also our carrots outside for all the horses the new mascot of Prince arrived! Since his name is Prince!-he got a Prince mascot🙌

When I was home from the stables Me and ❤️Francois got ready and went to Lausanne! New Years on Beau Rivage Palace! I got to wear my new Chanel scarf, Chanel boots, and a old but beautiful Versace dressGot a amazing room ! Loads of space! LOVE HIM❤️

Big comfy bed! with a great view

After packing out we went to the spa

The Palace by night! So many beautiful lights! Got ready for concert and New Years dinner the dinner area was decorated to perfection

Straighten my hair for tonight

My handsome man❤️

Loads of dancing with ❤️Francois! He got so much rhythm 😍



I LOVE CHRISTMAS!bur seriously! When it’s this time of year the horses has completely holiday!

I have time to stay home and do nothing together with ❤️Francois!

According to Norwegian tradition me and Francois celebrate!

Haha! I have sewed him a stocking, and on the 24 I give it to him filled with his favorite candy and magazines!

Christmas dinner made by me! Stekt Levitefollowed by Norwegian moltebær whipped cream and kransekake

Time to open presents


Christmas time!

Day started early for me and ❤️Francois!

Meetings in Geneva!

After the meetings we went to the 5* Mandarin Oriental and had a 7 course dinner for lunch at their Indian restaurant Rasoi! SO GOOD

Did some shopping also, and I ate a lot of cakes at Cartier! And continued at Patek Philippe 😂Me and ❤️Francois went a quick trip to the stables on our way home! It’s holiday for all of us! Only been riding Duc a little and having the others on the treadmill! Teddy is still hanging out with Quin in Belgium and they come back in January


Montreux Christmas Marked

Haha, should I call this one visit Switzerland?

Got home from the stables and changed in to this!

Alexander McQueen dress and Chanel boot! Love the glitter and they are so comfy to walk with!

Layers on! Dior cardigan and a big scarf from LV to stay warm

Haha, but seriously! Montreux has a amazing Jazz festival in the summer! The city is filled with happy people and the atmosphere is fantastic!

In the month of December Montreux has a really nice Christmas marked! You can eat at little shops outside, or go inside a cozy restaurant they have build up just for this event!

You can also buy Christmas decoration and other stuff!

Not only that! But my newest obsession is Sushi! And my favorite is this place! Actually also in Montreux! Sushi Huit! Means Sushi 8! Sasha the girl who has InEquin gave us the tips about this place! I have to thank her because it’s soooo goood!


Weather is getting colder so more heavy rugs for the horses!

Picsou got of his Aequipment rain rug and got two walker rugs from Bucas! I like to have walker rugs on them as much as possible since they are waking back and forward the whole day

Alf’i that has less fur and are more sensitive than Picsou got a thicker Bucas smartex !

Jill got the same combo as Picsou!

and I got this new winter jacket from Miller! Haha! Went to town with my ridingbreeches, and my silver chanel boots! Matching my new silver jacket!

It’s Christmas time so that means a lot of cuddles and cozy time at home! Made this chocolate, brownie, cheesecake – cake

Going for walks with the horses! Picsou is to wild for going on handwalks with! But Alf’i is okey

Picsou how ever is the perfect horse for grooming and cuddles in the box! He’s so friendly, curious and funny

Finishing Christmas shopping!

A 360 of my outfit!