Saturday and transport training with Ice Tea! 

Woke up early this Saturday because Mandy, the big boss groom, or X groom of Pius Schwizer was coming to help me overcome Ice Tea sudden fear of transporting!

Before the transport trainig Niki took Ice for a forest ride while I was walking around with Picsou💖

So you guys that have been following me for a while on Instagram and the blog knows that Ice Tea has started to panick on the transport! He kick so much that he completely destroys the trailer and the truck. And worst of all, he dangers himself and get hurt! The panic started when he had to travel a short distance on a old truck where the back ramp opend while driving. After that he has started to panic! I bandage his legs with cotton wool, and vetwrap just to be sure he would not get hurt if any kicking would accrue! 

Mandy had a theory that he might be afraid of the changing lights while driving so we taped the front window dark and put the  kick pad in front of the back window! 

He also got straw instead of shavings in his transport place, to make it more like home! So the transport place would feel safe as his box. I have to say BLESS! Everyting is fine and it went great! On Monday we are going to try to do it with another horse together with Ice on the transport! But how it looks like today, the problem is solved! I really hope it is! We are going to find another solution for the window, because when it gets hot in the truck with a lot of horses inside the tape might fall down! I will post the solution when I have it!

Then Alf’i, I was thinking he would be extreamly fresh and spooky cause of the days with only longe and hand walking. But he was very calm, soft and focused! 
Went to the airport to get the guys!

When we got back I had some dressage with Duc and Stella rode the Giraffe Jumper had dinner out with them and Francois in the evening My beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring, BRAVE man 😍❤️

Haha! My big amusement for the moment, feeding the Shetland gang with carrots! 


Friday, FRIYAY! 

Was set on going to my cardio mouintain early this morning! But when I woke up at 06.00 I heard the rain. And then it was Francois, so warm and cozy to stay in bed. So I didnt go. 

I still wanted to work out around 08.00 so I went for a 7 km run, it was still raining a bit. I am happy that I did it anyway! 

Had some errends to run before I could go riding! I have the ferrari today even though I had to buy horse food😂😂😂 Francois had to go and put a new battery in the Mercedes!

Here you see the second color of the model JEM ONE SEEM

PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK? What color is coolest? 

JEM ONE SEEM navy/blue or JEM ONE SEEM black/pink

Rode that Giraffe Jumper first, we went for some forest riding! Mostly moderate speed 😉

Next one was a walk and some longing with Alf’i! He behaved well and yeah, shoulder pain is gone, so riding tomorrow! 

Niki came out with Duc and took Alf’i back 

Duc had dressage and he was great! Did a lot of side movements and concentrated on keeping him straight in especially canter! He likes to his “butt” in to the left next one was Picsou! He suddenly did not feel 100% so to rule out that it was the saddle I rode with a bareback saddle today leded him for 20 min before I got on for 6 min trotting 

He still did not feel 100% fresh! So it has nothing to do with my jumping saddles 

The barback saddle was really wonderful 

Last one was Ice Tea! He had dressage and flat work! 

Did a lot jump a cavaletti with a big gallop forward and really work him active around on a circle, and when he got hot I did walk, and then worked him in Trott to he was relaxed again! In the evening, gym and dinner at home 


Thursday, cardio, riding and Lausanne 

Started the day with my mouintain walk! Meet the train on my way up check out the calories i burned! 

Went straight to the stables after! Started with going for a walk with Alf’i! And longin him a bit! I am wearing my JEM pants in black! What do you think? And what do you think about the Gucci jacket?

Next horse was Duc! He had dressage today! Had a lot of work cause he was really strong today.. running a bit. So I gave him 10 000 transitions walk Trott walk Trott. I think that is more effective than walk stop walk stop. Since some horses don’t like to stand still! He got the message and became good quite quick! When I was finished to ride Niki came out with Calla and took Duc with her back to the stables! Armani long sleeved t-shirt, Hermes bit belt and my JEM pants in black!! PLEASE COMMETN WHAT YOU THINK!!!!! PLEASE 😇

Niki and Duc on the way back to the stables! 

Niki rode Ice Tea today, they went in the forest and he was a good boy! La Nik is the big boss of the La Ice Tea! 😂mohaha, he can’t run away with her 😉

Me and Francois went to Lausanne for meetings and had a good time in Town after! 

I’m wearing my Christian Dior Peyton coat and Gucci shoes, dress and hanbag!
Btw, I know I’m like totally a Chanel/Gucci girl at lest when it comes to clothes! But the designer of Dior now has really got my attention! Also thanks to this video! When me and Francois saw it we both thought omg! That’s us!! We both do everyting for each other! Such a passion, see the video https://youtu.be/h4s0llOpKrU

Btw, currently checking out all vintage fashion shops for this top! Anyone knows of one? Authentic off course! 


Wednesday, practicing “6 bar” with ICE❄️TEA🍹

Started the day with my cardio mountain! Nike tennis skirt! It is a warm

Day ..!

Me and Niki started with fixing the jumps, cause I wanted to practice “6 bar” with Calla and Ice Tea! 

When that was done I started to ride Duc! Light dressage for him today sice he got so tired yesterday! He was super 

Next was Calla! She was also good! This is the second time I do this exercise with her, but It was hard still for her to be “together” and collected trough the line, but she did her best, and did not have any poles down! She just need time to get stronger in her body After her i went for a walk outside with Alf’i! Also tested some other saddles!

When I was back with Alf, Ice Tea was ready and I went to warm up! Niki took care of Alf’i and came out to help me with the jumps after! 

It took some try’s this time also before Ice found out a little how it was again! And when he did, he did really good! I remember this exercise with Chambord! He really understood the “game” 6 bar, and could do it very easy! Chambord is build  very uphill , and that’s perfect for this competition! Although Ice Tea needed some try’s to be perfect he made it! And actually on the highest jump he was clear straight away!  

When the stables was finished me and Niki went to Starbucks, when we got back I walked with Duc and let him eat grass

Ice Vibe! Perfect for grass eating! 

When we got home it was the normal, gym😍🏃‍♀️🏃💑

And I made a REALLY good dinner for Francois tonight! 



Hei guys! Went for my mouintain walk this morning before I went to the stables! 

Nike has Monday and Tuesday off this week! 

Anyway! I rode Picsou!!!! Was not long, leaded him 20 min before, trotted 5 min and leaded him 20 min again! Happy to be back on him again!!! Was first a little bit inside, and went outside when I figured out that he was calm and nice today! 

And here you see my outfit! 

Then it was the Giraffe Jumper Cal! 

She was a good Giraffe! 

Little grumpy about the shower though 

Next one was Ice Tea! He feels really good in his body now! Although the skin is a bit broken, he moves well! Most low and relaxed work for him in a low shape today!  

I forgot to tell you guys yesterday, but Alf’i gets pain in his shoulder because of the saddle, so it’s only going to be longing until the weekend, and he had to get some medication to take the inflammation  away! I need to work on finding a new saddle! Loads of time for walking and grass eating today! 

Duc had a ride in the forest! He was so happy, haha! Quite strong! But okey! He’s perfect! 

Me and Francois went a quickie to Geneva! Look at the light today! No filter!!!

In the evening i went to the gym with my love❤️Francois 


ICE❄️TEA🍹 part 3

Some time had passed and I had started to reach a agreement with Eva! 

We were loaded on the truck, first Calla, then Alf, Duc and a space then me! 

When we are on the truck I have a space so I don’t have to touch the other horses, or smell them. You know, since I am much more expensive then they are and better then them also! 

So we did not talk much under the trip, but I heard them talking with each other. Not clear, cause of the space betweeen us and the noise the truck make!

When we finally came to San Giovanni a year since last time I was the first to get off the truck and I got to choose my stal myself! Start status!!

When the rest of my string of horses was placed in the boxes Duc started talking to me again! 

He went like

Ice Tea, the whole team thinks you have made a lot of progress, you are also more comparative with Eva. And as you can see, Chambord has left out team and Picsou had to stay home because of a injury. Myself is not in my peak shape so you have to do the job of Picsou and Chambord! Meaning me and Alf will help you qualify for the Grand Prix, but you will do the Grand Prix and the highjumping 6 bar!


So it started! Me and Duc did the Grand Prix qualifier the first day, and the second day Alf and Duc did it for me! It was chill! 

In the Grand Prix of the first week Alf and me Jumped it! Alf had one down and I had two down! The team was happy with the performances of me and Alf, and Duc told me that the week that was coming would be more difficult and then Eva was going to ride just me in the Grand Prix since she knows me better than Alf. He also said , Alf has more quality but you are like a bull, you just do it. 

Me a bull? Alf more quality than me? FIRST OF ALL I AM A UNICORN!!!! And Alf is some kind of Alien! I mean just see how alike they are! Alf and Alf! I mean, Alf even gets bitten by his own mascot, and you call that a good horse?Can you see how many unicorns I have? I mean, only a champ has that many!! I never saw a horse with so many before! Meaning I am the TOP TOP TOP💖

Next week came and non of us got to do the Grand Prix! 

But to my great surprise the 3 week I was tacked up for the Grand Prix!!! And I did really well! 

I tripped one time after the wall, and Eva jumped with me over the wall with only one rein! I had a couple of poles in the end of the course, only because I saw we were in risk of getting time faults, and I started to speed up. Eva in the other hand was holding me. And it distracted me so much I had two poles! If she would have let me take 3 steps where it should be 5 I would have been easy clear ​



Here you go! 

I finally made a video on how to make my extramly easy protein pancakes

You need:

🥞 12 eggs 🥚.                                                 🥞 3 bananas🍌.                                        🥞 protein powder🍶, I use vanilla                🥞 strawberries for topping 🍓  

Check out the video how I easy make them 😋🥞🍌🍓



Sunday, show and heading home❤️

Early morning today also! 

It was only a 135 and the Grand Prix today. I could jump two horses in 135 so i choose Alf and Ice! Circumstances had made it so I did not ride the Grand Prix qualification, so no GP, but would have passed it anyway since the horses does not feel 100%

I was first with Alf, it was the same today, distances felt long and he has the thing on the booth sides of the shoulders today. He jumped good, but not stretching his canter. Two down 

Niki had tacked on Ice, and I looked at the startlist that I would have time to plait him, so I did Duc was sleeping, seemed okey with one day off from the show

Had a good round with Ice Today. Although he does not “over power” like he usually does! Probably still a bit beat in his body! I went a little against the clock and should have hold him more together and calm to the last jumps. So two down also here. 

I have to give a gold star to Niki who had worked very good at the show! 

Now we are packing up and soon ready to head home! 

We have bought kick bads and are going to bandage the whole hindlegs of Ice Tea with cotton and put vet wrap over! So fingers kross that he gets safe home!


Saturday and show 

Me and Alf’i! Started early with riding Duc and Ice in 135, had one down with both of them!

Team picture when Duc and Niki! Duc was jumping high over the jumps and really good, had one down. 
 Ice was a bit stiff in his body, not waited for me and was a very good boy! 

Then it was Alf’i, I have a feeling something is not right with him. Felt like he was galloping very short.. so I retired. He is not lame, and I can not say he has back pain, but he is a bit swollen on the shoulder. Need to watch that closely! Nothing wrong with the jumping, more with the canter and the landing

The rest of the day i just hang out in the stables! Did some horse walking, looked at the show. Yeah! 

We also went to town and had a nice dinner in the evening 


Friday and ribbon for 🐴Alf’i 😍

Started the morning with a morning jog saw this cool parked as I run by followed by some morning riding with Alf’i! 

Loads of people was longing, but I manage to navigate safe around and got to do a good work on Alf’i anyway! He was really relaxed when I was finished! Niki also came to longe Ice Tea so we could see who his status is today, he was a lot better! 

Then it was time for us and the horses to eat! Alf’i got one time ice after his flat work! 

I jumped Duc first in the class and he was super! Fast and really good! We had one down coming out of a double! But he was super! Niki and Duc waiting for me while I have walked the course! Love the rug I made myself! 

Before it was my turn to go with Alf’i I had time to see my friend Geneviev and her horse do a clear round! Here they are happy with their trainer!  

Then it was time for me and Alf’i! We had a good clear round that got us a ribbon! 

Check this picture! Even did some turns with Alf today jumped GREAT

I also did some light flat work on Ice Tea in the afternoon! He felt good and I am going to jump him in the 135 tomorrow! Btw pay attention to the unicorn on Ice Tea’s fly bonnet In the evening me and Niki did not feel like going out so we had some Mc Donald’s in the truck! Niki went to sleep before me, and since we are starting very early tomorrow I made her a breakfast sandwich and put it on the door with a Coca Cola, that she hopefully will see when she wakes up and goes to the stables