Intervals with Duc

My morning started with cardio mountain and FaceTiming with my 💖daddy! Here he looks like General Aladeen😉😂

Went to the tailor in Lausanne! I bought a Dolce Gabbana bikini (for children size 10 yrs old😂) in Milano, and since the pants are made in a granny pants style our trailer made them to string pants!

Last time I will ride him before the GP qualifier on Thursday! Today we did intervals out in the forest, so loads of canter! Weather was suddenly quite cold so he did not become so sweaty

The day continued with hand walking, the last handwalk round with the guys was done in the dark and the spooky Alf’i was back, today he had so much energy and loads of things to spook for!! while walking off we had a live stream!

I groomed Jill in the box today! Much needed, she had straw on places I have never seen straw before

Alf’i well iced😎😉

Rode Cactus also a little inside! Mostly trott and walk


Early early

Molly was going home to her horse massage education and I was going to drive her to the train, so was really early up! Also have to give her a big cred that she was up crazy early and had Alf’i on the treadmill before I picked her up! Wow! Very nice! I like to sleep in when it’s a Sunday, but it was also good to get my cardio mountain done! Walked from 07.30 and took the train down at 09.00! Headed directly to Starbucks after

Then to the horses, walking with Quin and Teddy! And brushing them, Quin lost so much hair I never seen a horse loosing so much at one time. Haha! He enjoyed it!

Duc got a new bridle today, I actually bought it for Prince! But it doesn’t have that 🤔”chocker strap” that you can tie up the rains with if you want to longe the horse, and since Prince is a young horse and sometimes need to be longed before riding.- he got to take over one of Duc/Picsou bridles ( I have two flat work brides for them, they fit the same size) so Prince got one and Duc/Picsou got this!

Went hand walking with him 30 min before I had a really good dressage training! Me and Duc was really concentrated with all small details, if we missed a corner turn, that we didn’t do it perfect we went back and did it again! Really happy with today’s training

It was really warm so I had to drop my sweater and ride in my super underwear! Someone else that thought it was warm was Prince, he was so relaxed today, also felt tired, maybe it was the 20 degrees that came just like that, or that he is mentally and physically tired from training

Alf’i too, it almost that I think he changed his personality, hahaha, no spook today also🤔😅


Big day with Molly

Haha! Both of us was excited! Bug ski day! We were at the lift Rock D’orsey before it even opened!

we skied from Villars to another mountain called Diablerets, never skied the whole way over there! It was a lot of fun

Molly has gotten so good, she can ski everywhere now! It was really warm, the snow was perfect in the first ours, but got a little wet around 12

We had a dessertand brought our luck with us up to the top and the sun chairs to enjoy

After that it was cardio mountain for me! Haha, at one moment I was so tired the only thing that made me continue was my will power! Got up! Made the train, and total happiness

Then riding, started with Prince today! He was a bit tired in his body today, worked him quite hard yesterday, so more light work today! He was really good! Listen super in the canter today

Next was Alf’i! So calm today also, it’s almost like I think he has changed his personality? He is normally not this calm, no spooking at all?? And such a good boy, I mean he’s always a good boy, but what’s going on with no spooking? I’m of course happy about it, but it’s also a bit wired Cactus was also totally perfect today! Rode a little dressage and some forest riding Duc had a day with only walking, since he had interval training yesterday!

Quin and Teddy had waking toogoing to start to ride them both really soon 😍

In the evening I surprised ❤️Francois with a Jazz concert 😍😍😍he was so happy


Skiing with ❤️Francois

❤️Francois has a massage appointment at 08.00, so I slept a little longer and he came to pick me up around 09.00 and we headed to the ski pistes in Villars, here where we live!

We took the train up, all smiles😍❤️

skiing was amazing and it’s so fantastic to ski together with the ❤️man you love, in this great conditions

After skiing a while we had lunch! Soo good out in the sun!

We skied from 09.00 to 13.00, and after that I went to the stables!

Started with Duc! We had intervals in the forest

Then training with Prince! We did some schooling over tiny jumps, training that I had to control the speed and the way we ride! It goes good in dressage, so now I have to transfer it to the jumping!

Molly the top model came out with Alf’i and we changed the horses!

Alf’i was so calm and perfect! Almost can’t believe it!! He didn’t spook once!! So concentrated and worked perfect

Cactus was fresh! Since he had a day off yesterday, did a lot of changing the speed with him, making him stay active even in short canter! He was good!

Said hello to Quin and Teddy, don’t see them so much these days because the top model is always finished working with them before I come! But they looked good and was happy


Jumping with Prince and Cactus

Made a easy course with a couple or bounces and a oxer, a line with 4 strides and a oxer and a vertical on the diagonal!

Price was first, last time I tried to jump him outside he was so un concentrated, but today he was perfect!

Price was really worn me today and i could jump the whole course in canter!! So happy and so proud of him

Cactus felt a little bit tired today and did not give a lot of air, so we did not jump a lot with him!

❤️Francois was there to train me 😍

Yesterday I baked Norwegian boller with Safran and chocolate! Ate tooo many so I had so much pain in my belly when it was time to ride Duc!

But the work I do today will be a factor on how it goes on the next show! So I braved the pain and had a really good dressage pass today with him! Loads of canter and big focus on the quality! He worked so good! Happy Juliette,- one of the girls that works in the stables was taking one of the stables horses to a show! She had some problems with the plaits so me and the Top Model stepped in


Skiing with ❤️Francois and Molly

Molly came up to me and ❤️Francois cause it was planed a day of skiing! I had made a huge breakfast mmm!

❤️Francois the gentle man carries my ski’s

He had loads of phone calls to make and sat in the cafe while me and Molly hit the slopes

Molly had only skied a little when she was a little girl and was a bit worried about it! But she was REALLY GOOD! And could ski everywhere really quick! GREAT JOB MOLLY

We had so much fun! Really beautiful weather too! Also had a good lunch with ❤️Francois before we skied down at 13.00

I went to do my cardio mountain and Molly went to the horses, started to walk them and have them on the treadmill

Then riding! Prince first, he was really wild in the begging because someone was cutting wood with a chain saw.. but after a while he was the perfect pony!!

Alf too! Light dressage with him! Loads of trott! He was good and relaxed, a little stiff to the right, but perfect when I finished off

Duc was really fresh and had to ride him a long time LOADS OF GALLOP! So much that it was dark before I was finished

Did how ever have time to go quick to the gym with ❤️Francois! Now a quiet evening at home, with Strawberries for dessert



Started my day with cardio! LOVE THAT! Sun shine and everything Went to Lausanne and picked up my dress from the tailor! Got it for Valentine’s Day! This is how it is originally, quite lone! And me not so long.. so it was better to make it a bit shorter a friend from USA had send me Oreos in all kind of special flavors! SO GOOD! Thank you Aerica 💖went to ride after! Finally got to use my Alberta Ferretti TUESDAY sweater! started with Interval training with Duc! It went super and he was not so strong today!

Dressage with Alf’i! Who behaved perfect today! Light work today Then Prince, he was bucking around a lot so I had to longe him a bit! He was so wild in the longe that when I stared to ride he felt a bit tired, so not the best training today finished off with Cactus! And he was PERFECT TODAY! Really soft in both sides and the perfect combination with going forward but waiting at the same time

I just said Hello to Quin , Ted and Jill! Molly the top model usually takes care of them before I even come, so they are done before I’m there. They are happy and all is good!


Cardio, dressage and hand walking

Started my day with the cardio mountain! It was nice and sunny down and up in Leysin it was a snow storm.. got quite cold but I’m happy and proud that I did it!

Went to the stables for dressage with Duc! We did a 20 min handwalk in the forest before we started in the big paddock! He was really un- concentrated in the start today, when the horse is like that it’s important that you don’t get irritated, just more concentrated! Catch the horse attention with exciting tasks/exercises and good riding

Next horse was Alf’i! He was super all the way! Totally relaxed and no spook today!

Since Prince jumped for the first time in a while yesterday I only hand walked him today! Molly and Jill tagged along too!when I got back I rode 10 min dressage on Cactus in the big paddock and went out for a quiet forest ride since he also jumped yesterday

❤️Francois picked me up in the stables, and we went to take groceries together

Followed by the gym


Visiting Picsou at Equitom

Molly had already left the day before wirh Quin and Alf’i! Quin needed a check and Alf’i was tagging along to keep Quin quiet on the travels

It’s very interesting to be there and I feel I learn a lot every time! Also that the horses gets better!

Quin had white line sickness in his hoof! So walking only for 3 weeks !

I got a good explanation what was going on with Picsou, and it was great to see him again!



Surprising my presets with Nancy Drew!

Me and Molly started early in the stables today! Because I was going to Norway to surprise my parents! They did not even know I had bought a new dog, and had no idea I was coming to Norway! rode all the horses outside before Molly took me and Nancy to the airport the trip went super and Nancy behaved PERFECT!

My parents was so happy and surprised!! she became best friends with Snuffi too 😍

I was in Narvik from Thursday to Saturday and also had time to do some skiing