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Milano fashion week!s

Me, Helle and Adham got up super early today also!

A route MILANOOO! Together with my sponsor Fashion store Graziella in SanREMO I was invited to attend Roberto Cavalli and Missoni fashion show!

We arrived a bit before the show was going to start so the 3 of us had time to go to town a little

Eat at a really cozy bar/restaurant before they explore town and I went to the fashion show! My outfit: Fendi boots/stockings/dress , Hermes Birkin bag

It was really exciting for me! I LOVE fashion! This is my first “REAL” fashion show!!! Bella Hadid was one of the models! Really cool! I never seen so many paparazzi in my life before

We had amazing seats, 2 row! And the designs was just PERFECT ! I saw one dress I really really want!!

Me at the show

I also got a gift from Graziella, a really perfect Versace body! WOW! Happy

Meet up with Helle and Adham after the show! Looked around a little and headed direction Cattolica! A big Ice Cream was in the plans! And the best ice cream is GELATO MANIA in Cattolica

Followed by some much needed tack shopping at Selleria Sandri in San Giovanni!Really Love Horses Riviera Resort

Haha! Day not over yet! We went to Bologna to meet Thelma! Eat at a very nice Brazilian all you can eat place! flowed by some gelatome and Helle shared a room at a really cozy hotel!



Me and ❤️Francois started the day with skiing! Check out my sweet ski underwear with small bling on!

Ready to gowe took the train up!

Although the weather was not the best we had a blast

We headed back around 12.30 and I went to the stables

Well what I did in the stables you can see here:

We are also busy teaching all the horses to go on the treadmill! Here is Picsou in action! He gets triple therapy with Ice from the Ice Vibe on , the Vibe on in the ice Vibe boots and the treadmill yes, he’s also walking up hill!

In the evening Gym! Really recommend these tights from Aimn! Must be the best and coolest I have ever had!

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Arrived safe home! So good to see the love of my life Francois❤

At the same time Skin and Tina took care of the guys 🐴⭐ Tina rode Ice Tea on the beach and Skin rode Duc on the beach! Alf had a day with a lot of hand walking and a little lounging!

At Home❤ -We slept in, had a long breakfast, and then we went to Geneva to do some shopping 💑🛍 and have a late lunch

You never guess who it was a preset from 😍

Mine and Francois Easter bunnys

And we also went to visit Picsou, Calla and Jill 🐴 and take care of them 

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The HORSE SHOPS(stands) here

There are some stands here selling horse equipment, and here are some pictures from them!

First out is Alberto and his horse shop Carma! I know him and Riki from a lot of other shows here are some of the products he has 

It is also a Galante shop here, they sell only Galante 

And this shop  here are the products they have 

And the “bit truck” from Lieven Hendrickx is here! Trust equestrian I have long been thinking about getting these cozy head colors for my chestnuts and Calla, but then again, in the truck they eat the soup and get dirty, and on the shows it is almost to warm to lead them around with these (I tend to go to shows where it is warm) so I didn’t buy it! But I really admire them! So beautyful and fluffy

These girts are so popular now  loads of bits, but normally it is actually 3 times this much  and some other things 

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The afternoon and the evening

We spend the afternoon fixing for the horses and watching the show! Weather is so good ☀️

I also bought spurs reins, Kevin Bacon hoof fat, and some fly protection for the nose, + a loose lower nose band 

Horses got new shavings, and look how happy it makes Duc💖 

Skin takes really good care!  In the evening we give the horses hay, as much as they can eat and more, + this mix! It is 3 hay brix in water with salt and musli in! Same as we use when we drive! My friend Janne Lindanger came up with the idea to put the hay Brix in water so they swell up and absorbe the water! To get some extra fluid in the horses! 

Skin will give them this later when she does night check and put a extra cover on! In the day they are standing with these rugs on, and on the wall in the background you can see the night rugs they get over when the temperature goes down the night rugs are these, bucas net cooler! A little thicker over the back! We put them over the day rugs 

Anyway, we went out to get some water (for us) at the only grocery store that was open today since it is Sunday! We saw all these easter chocolates, I had almost forgotten that it has been Easter! 

Then we went to our new favorite restaurant, it’s like heaven for me because I love all kinds of tacos! Me, Skin and Tina

Tina and Magne I mean, check out the Meny  I even put a napkin on like this so I would spill on my dress 😂 From me to you (a bit late 😂) HAPPY EASTER 

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Good morning

Waking up in the truck and jumping in to my clothes before having some usual a la me💁 truck breakfast! Just also discovered that I have forgotten all my white brah’s at home! Not optimal when it comes to wearing white show shirts! So need to make some time to go to the mall and get some  Hermetic salmond, fresh salad, and since I was so sick on Tuesday digestive crackers and a banana! + water and breakfast Pepsi max 😃

In the stable Skin and Ice Tea was waiting for me 💖 

Before heading out riding with him I took these pictures, what is more beautiful on the front legs of a jumper doing dressage/flat work?

The brown once? The blue when white, or bandages?? Please answer in the comments 😇

Today me and Ice Tea trained a lot on keeping a active a bit bigger canter without being strong! It went really well, and I hope I can ride the same tomorrow at the show!

Me and Ice Tea watching the 145 class before starting work

Getting ready for work in the arena that normally is the clear round arena! Not so many people here, so it was easy for the both of us to concentrate

Walking together to the stables!

Next up is Alf and Duc! I let you know how it goes! Me and Alf had planed some clear round jumping

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Wednesday in Oliva

Feeling a lot better today! Eat 2 digestive crackers and one banana for breakfast! And have been able to keep it down! YEAH!

Started the day by going with Skin to the La Marina shopping mall to get groceries, a big shoppingmal only 5 min from the show  Skin also got a really nice bikini from Cazeldonia and I got a mascara form Lancôme and this lipstick also from Lancôme 

After that I went riding! Alf was first out and he got to try these new Harry’s Horse protectors I bought all the way back at the Rolex CSIO in Geneva, and also these bling bell boots from kingsland bought in Danmark! I was thinking Alf would be wild since he was only walked on Tuesday, but he bahaved perfect!

Then I rode Duc! He was cool as alway! Trotted and galloped him low! 

By the time I got to Ice Tea most people was finished riding and we were almost alone!

The stable is starting to come together and all the mascots of Ice Tea is up 

Hanging out in the stable and finishing work 

That was all from today! And yeah, I also went with my friends to Valencia and El Cort Ingles, they got a lot of cool stuff and I got this Ralph Lauren Towel dress 

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Yesterday night wrapping presents for Skin 😃Had planed to surprise her in the morning, she had no idea! Also told her parents and her sisters so they could follow live on insta

Presents ready to go

Went to the local Gas Station and bought two of her favorite croissants, put music on the car and went to knock on her door! Took a while before she opened, but I just keep on knocking 😂 she thought is was a creepy neighbor! I gave her the croissants, she got dressed and then I took her to Starbucks 

At Starbucks she got what ever she wanted and I paid 💁 When we had gotten the food and sat down I surprised her with presents 🎂😃  After having a good time at Starbucks we went for our favorite Mouintain walk 

And took the train down 

Time for the horses, I jumped with Duc, Alf and Ice Tea today! We trained to jump a 3 combination! Went super

DUC 🐴🥕The best carrot eater

Alf’i 💫🌤🐴

And Ice Tea ❄️🍹Check out the air over the oxer  Francois was really happy with my riding today and the horses jumping 😃😍❤ 

Now I have to quick shower, change my clothes quick so we can go to Skins birthday party in Vevey 

Really happy with my outfit today , but mostly happy about how I surprised Skin, that had her family on the other side of the world

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Half time, and STARBUCKS 

Sitting comfy in a big chair at Starbucks together with 2 Coffe Frappochino light, soya milk and extra whipped cream😋

PARLANTI PASSION RIDING BOOTS 😍⭐ and bracelet with bit from Gucci to match my outfit 🎀
Started the day with some interval training with Duc, I always use over reach boots in the forest, and always while riding or longing tendon boots!

In the forest I prefer this cheep over reach bell boots, for two reasons, if we loose them, it does not cost much to buy new once, and they are easy to clean the mud off and reuse, without the long drying process of the sheep skin once!

I also always use the Eskadron in the forest and also if it is raining, or the ground is wet when we train at home also! They are just so easy to clean, I still think they rock! I know eveybody loves Veredus, but when I grew up Eskadron was the BIG THING, so it sort of stuck with me!

When I train jumping at home (if it is not to wet) I use these tendon boots and more beautiful over reach bell boots, the bell boots are from Eskadron and the tendon boots are from PS of Sweden!

This model is not real sheep skin so I don’t have to be so careful with it! That’s why I prefer this at home, and use the real sheep skin for more special occasions! But I must say, my eyes like to look at this fake shining crocco and the white teddy fluff 😍

This is me today

I am so in to the green and red Gucci💖 And also the Hermes body warmer! Francois think it is to many colors in one pice of clothing, but I like it 😉

Okey, back to the horses! Everybody has probably noticed the popularity of sheeps skin on girts! It is beautiful and good to avoid scratches in winter times! Since I live in a rather warm country and many times from the period May to September ride shows in 25 to 35 + degrees I prefer to be able to take of the fluff/ sheep skin of the girts and use just the gift! I see other people ride with the sheep skin when it is 30+, and that’s okey if they want that, but I think that is to warm for my team of chestnut horses 💖

Easy to take on and of the girt with velcro, really happy with it I must say!

Alf is a very very very awake horse, so when he is going to jump and I want him to listen to me a little extra he use this sound prof air net from equiline 😃 today I am also going to try to jump him with this baby popochini bit! His previous owner rode him with it

Now I have to go, a quick clothing change and some excersising is on the program ⛹️‍♀️😃 but I will drop in later for some evaluation about my jumping today 😘



Let me show you how to count strides and practice on being confident while jumping high 💫🐴🙋


The last days been so eventful so I have not been in here!

Here you have a VLOGG that I made about feeling secure about jumping high, learning to count strides and also working on your postition!

As if that was not good enough I have a real treat🍭 for you, a tutorial about how to make a Custom made KEP ITALIA HELMET!!

I do loads of crazy things on the video, to show you just how beautiful a Kep Helmet is, since it was some discussions about that on my instagram! So to you who says it is ugly,- prepare your self for a laugh 😉 of course it is good that everybody has different opinions, but my opinion is this: The Kep is beautiful! Safe, light and has really good ventilation!

Believe me, I was sponsored by Lamborghini before, and have their Carbon helmet, I have owned helmets from all the other brands also, and for me Kep is alone on the top⭐NR 1️⃣!

I hope you will enjoy the video, please leave feed back, and make request on what you want me to do on the next video!