On our way to Truccazano

Woke up at 06.00 and jogged to the stables to take care of my two boys!

Went for a looong hand walk with them around this beautiful equestrian center! The grass ring is just perfect! And they have a lot of different water and natural jumps in there

A little from the facilities

I had out a water bucket up in Teddy’s box because the water system in his box was not good enough according to me! And I think to have a good water pressure and a good big water cup is very important so the horse easy gets enough water! If I find it not to be satisfying I put up a bucket or two buckets if it’s summer!

Jogged back to the hotel! Had breakfast, checked out of my room! A very nice man drove me and my luggage back to the Scuderia and my horse truck!

I finished packing

Took some photos together with Stefano since we both was wearing JEM and JEM L ridingbreeches!

I’m wearing JEM a Louis Vuitton scarf, Hermès belt, Ralph Lauren pullover and Nike shoes! Stefano is wearing JEM L

Loaded the horses and drove to Truccazzano

When I got there and was finished getting the boxes for the horses ready with hay and water I rode Teddy in the indoor! Very nice of them to let us ride there although they were building the jumps! Good for Teddy that never did a indoor show before to see a little! after that I galloped him a lot in the outdoor! I remember first time I was here, when it was outdoor together with The Sexy Groom, he was way to fresh in the first class so wanted to make sure he would be a good clam, relaxed boy, = A lot of galloped today

Rode Duc a little in the indoor to, mostly head up and nose out and gave him loads of carrots to be sure he was going to be on a good mood for tomorrow’s show!

When both horses was ridden I took time to make the stables nice! I didn’t put up the “prison” for Teddy this time! Because it’s other people of the opposite side of the stable passage, and they might not like it if both my horses are pushing out trough the passage!

Jogged to Mc Donald’s and brought some food back to the horsetruck! in the evening it was quite cold so when I did the night check I put on a extra rug On Duc and Teddy


Jumping lesson with Natale

Same today! Jogged to the stables! Hand walked the horses!

And then started to get ready for the lesson with Natale! We was going to jump today so he said yesterday that I could take my normal jumping bridle! But today he said he wanted to put the bridle on!! Grrr I hate when people touch my tack!!!! I don’t like it because I put it on in a way I think is good for the horse! I don’t want anyone to tighten my horses noseband to much or to touch it at all!!!! GRRRRRR! And today I had to take another bit on Duc also, change the position on the noseband and tighten it more than normal! My face when I heard that!

But I trust Natale and I want to learn so I did what he said. And it was not bad, Duc was more strong than usual and wanted to put his head down a little to much for my taste. The stronger you are with Duc the stronger he is in return. But being open to learn! YES! So the lesson went fine. We did some different exercises and jumped some jumps from angle and very short turns! I got a lot of pointers how to use my body and my helpers and all went fine!

Then over to Teddy! Picture taken when by my new friend Claudia who works for another rider at the stables when I’m walking Teddy off after training

The training in itself didn’t go bad, because Teddy understood all the things he had to do, and jumping from angles and stuff that he was not use to! But Natale wanted me to stop with one thing that I don’t even think about that I do. Or trainers in the past have called this one of my qualities, and it’s more my subconscious who does it. It goes automatic when i senesce it feel that it need to be done. But Natale hate “this quality” about me, and got very very angry with me and yelled at me a lot. I am sad that I could not do it better. But I’m happy that Teddy is so good! And I’m proud of him! Training is for learning and it should be room for making mistakes. I just have to be harder with myself, but even if I’m going to change trainer and do another system I still want to keep my horsemanship

Natale has left but Stefano was really kind and took me with him to eat lunch! So nice of them to always include me!

When we got back to the stables I hand walked Duc and Teddy in the beautiful facilities! And I also let them eat grass in the very nice outdoor grass ring

My hotel room

In the evening Claudia who works in another stables at the place took me with her to a shopping center! we did some shopping! And had dinner and dessert! So happy that the people here had been so kind with me

I bought a pair of Nike shoes, a top, some boots and a dress! She bought two pair of shoes, a dress and a top


First training with Natale

My day started at 06.15 when i jogged the 1.9 km to the stables! Wanted to muck out my boxes, and hand walk Duc and Teddy!

But another horse at the stables had colic so I hand walked the horse while Stefano and Dragan, the two guys that work for Natale did the boxes for all the horses!

When the colic horse was better I walked with Ducand Teddy!

Then I jogged back to the hotel for breakfast! It’s really warm here! +19 degrees! So I was sweating quite a lot! I only brought winter clothes

The breakfast at the hotel is not BIG, like the hotels that ❤️Francois takes me to! But it’s good and they have actually good quality food and some variety! The hotel is very cozy and clean, I would also say beautiful! And it’s near that stables

Jogged back to the stables in my riding clothes and got ready for my first lesson with Natale! It’s a nice solarium in both ends of the stables, and I tacked up Duc in the opposite end that Stefano and Dragan worked with Natale’s horses so I’m not in their wayNatale wanted me to use his own system and bridle. It is very unusual for me. I never even ride with draw reins.. but I had a open mind and I’m open to learn new things! The most strange but also kind was that he gave me some glowed and said I had to use glows when I ride from now on! As long as I train with him anyway. I prefer to ride without glows with web reins, then I have the best feeling with the horse! But okey, open minded and willing to learn and try new things! Here is the picture of the system natale flat ride his horses in

Duc was not so happy about the system but accepted it! I did not hold hard in the rein that was attached to the gog anyway! The training was very good! Hard dressage first, that’s super! And very precise pole and cavaletti work after! Natale had a eye for the details and it was super!

Next was Teddy! To avoid lame putting on the gog thing wrong Stefano helped me getting Teddy ready with itand check it out! I gave him the JEM riding breeches! And he LOVED THEM!

The pole exercises! We did almost the same exercises with Teddy! But easier! When we started with the sideways movements in the dressage warm up we stopped as soon as Teddy did it good! Natale said to me that I had to ride slow, because Teddy did not know it so well and could be afraid on stepping on himself! And when he did it correct he was a good boy and got some “free trot”

I went with Natale to a really good restaurant and had lunch, and then I helped him to build some jumps and put the fences up and down when he was jumping

Then I rode one of his horses Dundee!! Wow! What a nice horse! Really loved him Stefano still had to help me a little with that gog thing, but by now I understood how it was!

Natale actually gave me a lesson on this horse to, and I got to do some jumps! It was a lot of fun! Took care of him myself afterwards! Very sweet and kind horse Before the evening feed I hand walked Duc and Teddy!

Natale and a friend of him took me with them to eat dinner in the evening. They are very nice at the “Scuderia” and do their best to include me so I’m not just sitting alone!


Trip to Italy with Duc and Teddy

This morning I made the Duc and Teddy ready for the transport in marching rugs from Aequipment and VEREDUS magnetic stable boots

Half way in our trip and I had already eaten all my candy.. we arrived safe in Scuderia Della Caccia

After packing out I rode Teddy a little dressage and my friend Stefano helped walking with Duc a little

Me and Stefano went out to eat before I went back to my hotel! I don’t live in the truck because I made it ready for winter and it’s no water on it! So if I can it’s better at the hotel! And this hotel is walking distance to the stables


Packing to go to Italy

First thing I saw when I came to the stable was Lucie wearing the Pro Horse international riding pants, the JEM mode in Bordeaux! She looks beautiful

I started with making Teddy’s mane wet so it would be easier to make 1000 plaits. I do that to make the mane thinner and to get it to stay at one side! I dried it a little with a towel so he did not have to stay wet so long the more plaits you make the better are the results! You need to have it in minimum one month

Did some packing for tomorrow before I took Teddy out for a forest ride! I like to do every other day if I can! Arena and forest! he was quite happy today and did some bucks! Not wild like he wanted me off or was exploding, just happy !

Here he is with a cooling rug and the ice on

Continued packing and afterwords I took care of Picsou and had him on the treadmill

Then Jill! Alf’i and Quin Duc had a day off today. He did quite hard training yesterday and he did not have a day off this week! So well deserved! Carrot eater 😍😍😍😍😍

Lorry packed, Haynets hanged up, and hay brix swelled up in water ready in the crib!


Dinner in Lausanne with my 👑KING❤️ and my new dress

Day started easy! Had a nice pancake breakfast with ❤️Francois! Followed by a quick doctor visit! I don’t like that much to take blood samples, but today I was a very brave and good girl

Went to take some groceries and then to the stables!

Took care of the horses and then I went for a forest ride with Duc! Today we did interval training quite hard! He tends to get a bit hot then! But we manage to keep it on a quite relaxed level today! He’s wearing a hat from JsHorseMades , you can find them on Instagram!

Then some dressage and flat work with Teddy! He was a little bit lazy today, had to push him to gallop active! So we did not do so much! It’s important to listen to the horse! What can be the reason for that he was lazy? Maybe muscle pain from his forest ride on deep ground yesterday! Check our the girl riding in a t-shirt on the picture under this picture! WOW!

This little superstar Lucie, has helped me to clip Teddy! And she has done a amazing job! She really did so good! He looks super! A lot better than I clipped Duc! Here she’s posing with Teddy, her dog (don’t remember the name but it’s something a bit serious) and her pony Night Life that she rides in the Swiss team on the highest level on dressage

In the evening ❤️Francois took me out on a super date! He wear a suite and I wear my new dress from Alaïa! He took me to the Beau Rivage Palace We had the menu! Was SOO GOOD! Tasty and perfect prepared a 360 of my new dress! A lot of people ask me where they can buy it! And here is the link! I think the mode I have is sold out but they have a lot of other beautiful creations



Shopping and horses

Day started with cardio

Followed by some shopping in Geneva

We bought two dresses in Zurich and this is one of themit was a dress from Alaïa we did not take! But ❤️Francois regretted it, so luckily they could get us one in Geneva in my size

Outfit of the day! Armani shoes, Burberry scarf, fake fur, Dior bag and strap

War in the stables late late late! Or at 17.00

Took care of the horses and waiting until the riding shook was finished to ride Duc!

Was good to have the indoor alone and got a really good dressage training done!

LOADS of focus on NOSE OUT!!

I also cut a old saddle pad in two and sewed it together like this! So her is Alf’i perfectly groomed with his new rug rub protector!


Early morning

Up in the mountain where me and ❤️Francois live it was already clear sky! But in the valley it was misty!

Went to the stables early this morning because I had a busy schedule! The vet was coming for Picsou, I was going to jump with Teddy, and then drop Ice Tea of to the transport company that was gonna take him to his new home, and also go to Dalchenhof with Teddy, Picsou and Duc for new shoes by super blacksmith Aron Gygax!

Omg! Teddy was so FRESH! Haha, I almost flew off! Look at this

He had so much energy and was really quick and powerful off the ground today! Haha, been complaining that he has not been quick enough of the ground, but today he was, and then he was! So now I hope I can keep that quick power and also get him to at the same time take “time” to jump the jump

I jumped him two days in a row because I wanted him to know the exercise a little so he could “think” about it and already improve to today! And it worked! He did the gymnastic line 100% better today! Even though he was quite wild..

Next up was Picsou! He had his shockwave treatment, and behaved really well today so me and Daniel could easy do it alone!

Then it was time for some forest riding when Duc! He is wearing the JS HORSE MADES saddle pad and bonnet!

I’m wearing Pro horse international JEM breeches in navy, a Fendi sweater, Louis Vuitton belt, Parlanti passion boots and Kep helmet

Took some time to give all our horses carrots outside, Ice Tea got inside

Then grooming and getting ready for the trip! I decided to make the plaits on Ice Tea! Mostly because he enjoys when I do it, and it’s kind of our thing! I put a thermo under rug and a fleece rug over, and also bandages on all 4 legs for his long travel! Both of these two rugs breath so if he gets to hot they will transport the sweat, and they are thick enough to keep him warm! I put the fleece on top because it has the cross straps under the belly to keep the both rugs in place all the time

Cuddles in the box before we loaded and left

Truck driving

The other horses getting new shoes

❤️Francois knew it was hard for me to say goodbye to Ice Tea and was waiting for me in the stables when I arrived



Jumping with Duc, Ice Tea and Teddy

This was the last whole day Ice Tea was home here with me!

So I took the opportunity to let him wear his show fly bonnet and show saddle pad

I think he looks beautiful! Check out the little unicorn on his ear!

I did some dressage and some small jumps with him!

Incredible to think about the progress we have made together since I got him! Made a YouTube film about it! You can see it on this link.


It was time for a lot of cuddles and carrots

Next was Duc! Had made a little gymnastic and also a little course!

He jumped amazing, and can I say #frontleggoals but he was not easy to ride today at all! He wanted to go in “roll kur” by himself, so I need to pay much more attention to keep his nose out when in ride him! I usually ride him super deep with nose down and forward, or totally head up. But I have let him go in another form when we have been riding in the forest lately! So this must AWAY NOW! Only head up in the forest from now on to at least one month!Teddy has a little photo shoot with JS HORSE MADES saddle pad and bonnet! I’m wearing Pro Horse international JEM breeches in Black! With a Armani top and. Louis Vuitton belt! Parlanti passion boots and Kep Italia helmet

I did not jump so much with Teddy today! We did the gymnastics a couple of time and this vertical! He will jump some more tomorrow

Groomed Alf’i outside today! You can tie your horse up here and bring your grooming kit! Normally the horses are here when they get new shoes, but if there is no blacksmiths here we can use the space

In the evening I went to the gym with my 👑KING❤️



Another great morning with my darling in Gstaad!

Sleepy long and had a big breakfast! Feidi dress and stockings, Jimmy Choi shoes and Hermès Birkin bag finishes my Valentines chocolates in bed! Sooo good!

Afterwords we headed to the slopes! Great day and great weather skiing was really good had 4 pieces of cake at the hotel before we went in to Gstaad city center to look around headed home and went to our favorite Mexican place in Villars to eat some tacos! Wearing a Chanel dress, shoes and necklace of course the IT bagwe had creme brulet for dessert! I seriously ate so much today that I felt sick when we got home! So the 50 sit ups on the Pro Horse challenge was a struggle! But I made it! Haha

Btw, saw this guy on instagram! Love him and wanted to share! Cute cute cute