Haha! We had a mayor unboxing of all the VEREDUS stuff! And made a Instagram tv video about it! I put the link here


Tested the new products “off road”

Seriously LOVE to ride in the forest! And it makes the horses so happy! I think it’s really important to have a strong healthy horse, to ride on a lot of different grounds!

Ado went shopping in Geneva with Esther! And here you can see my new Versace body that I got at Milano Fashion week



Started my morning early as as the other days! The Grand Prix started at 16.00 so I had time for lads of walks with Duc before!

We had start Nr 6 out and got some help from some really nice friends followers from Instagram to lead him while I walked the course Duc hates flyes and get crazy if he sees or hears one! So full fly kit on! I also got help with the jumps in the warm up

The first round went perfect! CLEAR!! I had the second fastest time in the first round so I got to go out semiconductors last in the warm up! And CLEAR AGAIN!!!! 6. place!!



Day off for Duc, Milano for me!

Since we qualified for the Grand Prix yesterday Duc got a day off today

Went early to walk, feed and muck out as always! Or normally I have a groom too, but I also like taking care of horses! So I enjoy it! Time spend together

Went back to the hotel, had breakfast and went to feed and walk Duc again before I went to Milano city! It was still around 10!! So I feed him again then, and walked him and planed to be back at 16.00 to feed and walk again!

Outfit: Valentino dress, Versace Coat, Fendi Boots and stockings, Birkin bag walk a lot around in Milan and had a good time! Also did some shopping! A Dolce Gabbana Bikini and a Alberta Feretti Tuesday sweater! BEEN WANTING ONE FOR YEARS!!

back to the stables for a hour long walk with Duc! And a 20 min walk with him at 19.30!

So I did not ride him at all today just hand walking 4 times! We will see the result tomorrow if it was a good plan or not


Grand Prix Qualifier!

Got up at 06.15 and drove to the stables to feed, muck out and walk Duc Still a bit cold in the morning!

Went back to the hotel and had breakfast, and back to the show again!

Today we jumped the Grand Prix qualifier! We had one down, but he was amazing! Jumped really really good! So we qualified for the Grand Prix

Did all the normal show stable things and in the evening went out to eat at a really really good restaurant


Show in Milano with Duc

Me and Duc paced our stuff and headed to Italy! We left early Thursday morning because we wanted to do a warm up 130 class!

When we arrived I fixed his box perfect, gave him food and took him for a walk!

I decided to do the warm up class since it’s our first show since the middle of November last year! Duc is wearing a fly hat from my own collection at JS horse mades! he was really fresh and had no time to stand still for a photo! Regardless that, he jumped a amazing clear

Cooled his legs walked him again, feed him and went back to the hotel! Got two HUGE surprises from VEREDUS! Omg! Thank you so much! I have to wait to unbox them until I get home though!


Jumping at home

Was quite sleepy after our road trip but me and Helle got up early to do some jumping before Helle Sexy Groom was goi g home!

I trained on jumping 3 jumps on a straight line and having the horses 100% straight!

It’s not as easy as you think, because you have to focus on the right canter and rhythm, the right stride, the right position and balance and ride the horse straight! Everyone that rides dressage knows how difficult it’s to ride the horse 100% straight on the flat and it’s even more difficult to jumps!

Important to be able to do it to have a strong horse who uses his body correct!

After jumping me and Helle went to Geneva! Had some shakes at black tap and then I took her to the airport! Always hard when she goes, miss her so much every time 😍 but she’s now going to be riding for John Hickey! She will be very busy but I’m so happy for her! And Johns my best friend so I know it will be good!


Teaching Prince to jump the plastic water

The whole team got up early and headed to the stables for some course building followed by jumping

On the program- teaching Prince to jump water! We first started to lead him over, and it went super! He walked right over the first time

After world I got on, walked and trotted over, and he jumped like this!

Really super! So happy with him!

Next was Cactus! We jumped a little course, lines on 5,6 and 7 strides! We are really starting to find each other!

Yes and we also jumped a double! He really jumps super! He is very big! But light

I also did some jumps with Duc! We are going to a show next week! I jumped low with him! He feels in good shape right now, so I don’t feel the need to practice a lot of big jumps! the only thing he would need is more condition/ lung capacity! Since we have been indoor after his winter holidays we have not been able to gallop a lot in the forest. I can’t over due it ether now! So we will build that up slowly slowly!

Francois was so happy with him

After jumping me and Esther went to holy cow and got some burgers!

Followed by my cardio mountain! Haha, I was quite full after the burger, but I made it anyway!

When I came back from my cardio Ester was almost finished with the other horses, so we just did that last together and went home

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Milano fashion week!s

Me, Helle and Adham got up super early today also!

A route MILANOOO! Together with my sponsor Fashion store Graziella in SanREMO I was invited to attend Roberto Cavalli and Missoni fashion show!

We arrived a bit before the show was going to start so the 3 of us had time to go to town a little

Eat at a really cozy bar/restaurant before they explore town and I went to the fashion show! My outfit: Fendi boots/stockings/dress , Hermes Birkin bag

It was really exciting for me! I LOVE fashion! This is my first “REAL” fashion show!!! Bella Hadid was one of the models! Really cool! I never seen so many paparazzi in my life before

We had amazing seats, 2 row! And the designs was just PERFECT ! I saw one dress I really really want!!

Me at the show

I also got a gift from Graziella, a really perfect Versace body! WOW! Happy

Meet up with Helle and Adham after the show! Looked around a little and headed direction Cattolica! A big Ice Cream was in the plans! And the best ice cream is GELATO MANIA in Cattolica

Followed by some much needed tack shopping at Selleria Sandri in San Giovanni!Really Love Horses Riviera Resort

Haha! Day not over yet! We went to Bologna to meet Thelma! Eat at a very nice Brazilian all you can eat place! flowed by some gelatome and Helle shared a room at a really cozy hotel!


Skiing with Helle #sexygroom and Adham

Woke up really early today, I had hired a ski instructor for Adham and Helle, the lesson started at 09.00!

So we went up to the mountain around 08.00! Helle took the train, because you arrive then with the cafeteria and the easy slopes! Me and Adham took the gondol, the Rock D’orsey, putting us up on the mountain top! It was going to be easy, Adham told me he has skiied a lot in his life. but the first thing that happened when he got the skis on was that he fell.. poor him! He had to take the skies off and walk down to where Helle was waiting!

it’s quite warm now so Helle has some long-jones under her JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches in black pink! Perfect! Looks soooo good!!

Helle got really good this time! I was really impressed! She could ski everywhere with super control! She only fell once, but it was because we was watching adham and we were laughing so much! Laughing with him not at him!

Adham got fast better and better, and after a couple of hours he could ski in the big slopes

Without falling! We even went up on the top

Me and Helle

I also did some jumping

We finished skiing around 13.00 headed home to eat followed by horses!

Took a lot of nice pictures with Adham, since he wears the JEM and JEM ONE SEEM ridingpants and is man! Looks really good

I rode a little on Duc first before Helle took him and I took Alf’i

All of us together! Adham has Cactus! we did not have time to do so much! We had to meet ❤️Francois for dinner reservations!

We went to the taco La Cantina in Villars! So good!


New hobby

Haha! My new thing is that I go sledding after the Gym!

It’s so good exercise! Sled down and walk as fast as I can up againand it’s so much fun so I can do it a long time without feeling that I’m just doing cardio!

And that’s good given the fact that I have gone totally bananas about these

It’s a resultant in Geneva called Black Tap! They have really good food to!

So since last I wrote here I have got to know Prince a lot! He’s such a super boy, and is developing in the right direction all the time! he’s a amazing natural jumper! Already riding outside on him! He has learned to change the gallop and is currently learning that I control the speed, that he has to trott/gallop faster or slower if I say so! 😂 sometimes it goes, sometimes not! But we keep working on it!

I have also got a new groom/friend! I call her the Top model, and here you can see why WOW WOW WOW! Great commercial for Pro Horse! Molly the top model is currently taking a education to become a equine therapist at the same time as she’s working here!

Shopping have been good, but I have mostly gone to Geneva with my ridingbreeches, since they are so fashionable! And forms my body perfect

And I have started to ride Quin again!

Picsou is at Equitom in Belgium! And is treated like a king there! Hopefully he can come back to the sport 100%

geting the LickIT in the spa! Haha! They must love him there

Alf’i is doing well also, we are starting to get in shape! Only thing is that since he had a winter brake he got to fat for his new saddle so his back in the Meyer again! I follow closely to monitor that he doesn’t get back pain again! But for now the Meyer saddle fits perfect! Meyer is good saddles, it’s just Alf’i that is extremely sensitive, and that’s actually why we bought him a Meyer in the first place, they are suppose to be the best with that!