Going to Hong Kong and China

Started the day with a long breakfast with Francois! I had planed a gym session a before leaving, but me and Francois staid in bed one hour longer instead

After that I finished packing! I put one of my bags in the big suitcase ๐Ÿ˜‚ might as well, they are not full! So I’m going to Hong Kong and China! 

I have been busy over a year creating the best riding pants and some horse gear ever! But I am so picky, that the factory’s in Italy and China that need to work together to achieve the perfect product have not worked out quite jet! So I’m trying again!

One more problem has been my “flying condition”, after I was attacked I get so much pain in my head during take of and landing that I almost pass out. And to get the good fair on business class I must go from Geneva to Amsterdam, and then Amsterdam to Hong Kong.

I am prepared with my pills! 

But over to the suitcase again, I will be going a bit back and forward to Hong Kong and China, so I brought my little bag for that purpose! 

Before going to the airport we went to check on the horses! Duc outside! 

Francois took me to the airport and we had some Starbucks before I had to go trough security!

I’m smiling for the camera, although it is a exciting project, it is always hard for me and Francois to be apart! But I’ll be home soon!
When I got to Amsterdam airport Schiphol I had to pass the “normal” gates and go to a pass control,- on to a area where you can fly to Asia!
“Normal Area”

“Pass control”

“Asia Area” they even have a pharmacy there 

So many sunglasses 

And of course Starbucks 

Nice shops 

Had to make a little walk to my gate, did not know how big this part of the airport is!

The plane to Hong Kong is huge! 

And this is the first time I’m sitting on the second floor, normally I always sit on the main floor. But I got a seat by the mid row if I wanted to sit at the main floor, and when I sleep at the plane and if the person by the window wants to go to the toilet he would have to jump over me. So to get a window seat I had to move a floor up!

Second floor

My seat

Blanket and pillow ready

Care kit

Welcome drink and cheese 

My “travel bag”, Francois got it for my birthday last year! It is super good for travels! It is so organized! A pocket for the passport, for the phone, one with zipper and a lock on – you can put cash or credit card more secure! Room form a iPad, yeah, very practical and if I may say! Beautiful 

This is my “home” kit, Suisse money

And my travel kit, for euro, Danish Kroner, Norwegian Kroner or Hong Kong dollars AND THE OCTOPUS CARD! You put some money on it, keep it in your purse and you can access the subway everywhere in Hong Kong without even taking it up from your purse! Even pay at Starbucks with it! WITHOUT TAKING IT UP FROM YOUR PURSE!! Genius thing!! 

Comfy in my seat! 

My outfit of today! Since it is a looong trip I go in sneakers, Gucci dress, and headband, but put a Louis Vuitton bracelet to match the shoes and the bag! 

Window seat 

Place to charge my phone 

Place for bag and shoes 

After take of we get a menu and we can choose what we want to eat!

My first dish

Watching a movie and eating 

My second course 


Leave a comment if you want me to keep blogging when I am on this trip since it will not be so much about actually riding

9 thoughts on “Going to Hong Kong and China”

    1. Thank you for your comment ! I looked trough the text, I could not see that I had written first class anywhere ? Klm does not have first class, it is economy or Business๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Omg I didn’t know you were creating a riding line !? Will it be available internationally when completed ? Yes keep blogging because it’s so interesting – everything you do !

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  2. Hรธres spennende ut med ridedesignet du lager! Vil jo gjerne du skal fortsette รฅ blogge selvsagt, he he. God tur!

    Liked by 1 person

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