Hello Monday 

Started the day with waking up 05.30 and having this one for breakfast in the car

Did my cardio 🏃‍♀️ up the mouintain, saw this guy 

And these cows The train did not come today so we got a bus down! 

My riding outfit: Ralph Lauren shirt, Gucci belt, cavalleria toscana and Parlanti Passion 

Jumping was on the program today and I stared with Calla! Same training but another way as last week! Gymnastics to strengthen the horse and then long way to next jump, and then gymnastics again! So if they get a lot of Lactic acid in the legs they have a long gallop to recuperate before next jump! Calla was super! Did the course two times in a row to make the horse more resistant and keep the concentration when we booth are getting tired!

Next one was Alf’i! He did it so easy, and it is not so physical hard for me to ride him, he’s so light! 💫🌤I even trained more in Galloping in a higher rythm with him

Then Duc time! He was a little shocked that he had to do the course two times without brake or putting the jumps higher! But he did it super! Was a little bit more tired than the other two, but look his front legs! HORSE GOALS

Last one jumping today was Ice Tea ❄️🍹! He was also good! The weather was hot! And changing all the day, big sun, cloudy, big sun! I was a little tired so I did not ride my best, but he made up for it by being awesome 

It took a while bacause I make everything perfect with the horses! So after I jump one I clean the horse perfect put ice boots on, and after the next horse I change the Ice boots on the horse before and wash and put ice on the horse I just rode!  

Sarah helped me with the jumps today 😃

Me and Duc carrying used Ice boots in the Ikea bag

Here are the feet of Duc before riding, shining white! Bacause I clean them perfect! If you work for somebody and you don’t care to do your job great, because you think your boss does not notice.. but most successful people notice more than you think! Why not this week do a extra effort on your job! Think if you do a really good job, you’ll get the best resume and are able to get a even better job with better perks 😉

Changing ice on the guys Duc’s outfit today! Starrider! 

Wanting candy before riding! And knowing where the candy lives 😋😂

Getting candy after riding 

Ice Tea Starrider outfit 

Ice Tea in his box with Ice on his legs  making sure the water buckets of Jill and Picsou are cleans and filled everyday! Walked Picsou and Jill, went home and gym with Francois!

Dinner out tonight 

7 thoughts on “Hello Monday ”

  1. Lite extra bra inlägg med pepp för att göra sitt bästa alltid, yes, they notice 🙂
    Och hästarna förtjänar det framför allt!

    Liked by 1 person

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