Friday, 🏃‍♀️cardio, Starbucks🍩 and riding🐴😍

Today non of us out the alarm clock on! I told Niki to sleep as long as she wanted and so did me and ❤️Francois also! 

When we woke up, we had a long really good breakfast before I went for my cardio walk/run up the mouintain!

The weather is really warm, even in the mouintain about 1300m high where it’s normally colder 

Meet Niki and we went to Starbucks to chill and talk a bit

I had my usual Expresso Frappochino, soyamilk, light base and extra whipped cream! She has the classic caramel Frappochino and a mozzarella sandwich, I had apple cinnamon dounut!

Then it was time for some riding! I started with Alf’i first and here you see my outfit! JEM ONE SEEM pants navy/blue, Armani longe sleeve tshirt, Louis Vuitton belt, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots!  Worked a lot on getting Alf’i loose today. Loads of big circles where I overbend him to the inside, and also took time to just bend the next to the outside to check the outside shoulder from time to time! Since it was a bit stressful with the pictures and filming yesterday I did not work trough him, but I got it done today😅

Next was Ice Tea Ice Tea was not even ridden yesterday so he was fresh to tell you that! When he has a day of he just want to run, the difference with like Alf, he just gets spooky and high in the neck, but does not run anywhere! Calla the Giraffe Jumper and Duc can have a day off easy without getting stiff or wanting to start to run! But after about a billion transitions Ice Tea calmed down and was a very good boy! 

Then 😍Duc! He was really perfect! Nothing more to say about that! 

Niki came out with Calla and gave Duc carrots before she took him with her to the stables!

Calla was good, but I need to work a lot more on getting her to take shorter faster steps! So more suspensions! She is a big Giraffe Jumper and I have given her a long time to grow in to her body! I also strongly feel that if you work such a big horse to hard in young age, they can get health problems! Anyway she is so good and a lot more straight now, so time to put the bar a little higher and start to work on the suspension 

2 thoughts on “Friday, 🏃‍♀️cardio, Starbucks🍩 and riding🐴😍”

  1. Hello, I like the blog a lot, would like it even more if it was more pictures of Francois in every blog. He is my dream goal man, i like to read about him and pictures of him a lot

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