Tuesday and ikea

Tired this morning so fell a sleep one hour on the coach after breakfast. The cold is still there so I am not 100 with my energy still!

When I woke up I did my cardio mountain! It took time with my cough attack but I did it! Felt really good after! was sweating a lot so put my hoods on the train down! Then I meet Niki to go to some wood shops and get stuff for our stand, cause we are going to have a stand in CSIO BASEL this week! So we needed stuff to build a dressing room and also some cheers to sit on!

We found a amazing sofa that was on 65% sale, but the sofa was sold out in Villenuve, so Niki went to Sion to get the sofa, and I went to the stables to ride!

I stared with Alf’i! he got newly washed boots today! He was perfect today, almost lazy when I started! Not spooky at all! So I let him warm up a little lazy around with out so many demands before I put some more pressure on to engage him more! Afterwords he got a lot of food! Happy boy Then I walked Duc for 15 min and let him run a little in the longe after! Since I have been sick so long he has not been ridden and I suspected he could be very fresh! So I was going to ride him later and felt it was a good idea to let him move around a little and blow of some steam if he wanted to!

Niki came back with the sofa and we went together to Ikea! More stuff from out stand needed to be bought! And we also got some food! Got Janne at the airport and went back to the stables again!

I started with riding Duc, just easy dressage for him! He was good and listen well to me! we did our normal routine so while I was riding Duc, Niki was on Ice Tea!

Janne took Duc for a walk after

So I took Ice Tea, and here’s my outfit, JEM navy riding breeches, Ralph Lauren pullover, Louis Vuitton scarf and belt, Parlanti passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet Ice Tea was actually quite excited so he needed the 1 million transitions! He got better but I did not really get trough to him! Keep working on it tomorrow! Haha, Ice Tea, he is just so funny! now we been packing LOADS of riding breeches in Ikea bags, and are going to bed!

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