Tuesday and tooth extraction

Not for me but for my 👑KING❤️

So I rode Ice Tea in the forest!

My outfit JEM ONE SEEM Navy/blue and Louis Vuitton Supreme sweater, Louis Vuitton belt and bracelet! I have two, both of them are for men, they did not make it for Women, so this one has been cut off a little and arms made shorter and the other one is quite BIG!

The JEM ONE SEEM pants are amazing ! They cost 170 euro and shipping is ca 10 euro! You should check them out on the web shop

Ice Tea was happy to come out in the forest although it was a bit of rain! Some intense training days has been and some light forest riding was great for him!

Here is Tina from yesterday! She’s wearing JEM L 125 euro


And my outfit yesterday, JEM in Navy! JEM in Navy is 165 euro! Do you see the difference in JEM Navy and JEM ONE SEEM Navy/blue?

It’s not just that JEM ONE SEEM has two colors, but it is the whole design and a very funny shot, hahaha! I think I’m trying to explain something!

Have not done any thing exciting today! Been home and taking care of ❤️Francois and making loads of smoothies for him, and mashed potatoes!

Poor him got a wisdom tooth out, and it’s so hurtful, but he is doing surprisingly well! I went a short time to the gym, so much pain in my head I thought I was gonna throw up, but I made it! And I feel better now! Regardless im going to go to bed, cause when I have headache I become irritated, and it’s not fun for ❤️Francois to hang out with a irritated person!

Btw, did you see my Unicorn YouTube video?

It would mean a lot to me if you can share my VLOG’s, and help get some more subscribers to my channel! If you like it, if not, haha, forget that you wrote this, or give me a comment what I can do to make it more interesting


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