Sunday and jumping

Was home way to late last night! Had to build jumps before we started! But when me and Helle we’ll started it went quite quick🙌

First one out was Alf’i! The plan was to jump some bigger jumps today more course jumping and tomorrow turn the line around and focus more on the gymnastics line as you can see, Alf’i was on fire! And jumped really amazing

Next was Picsou! He needs to get in shape still! So I had to be a little extra concentrated while riding him to get him to do the things I wanted him to do! I mean, he jumps the jumps, but to make a effort, and to gallop in the good canter! But I have to say it went good I’m wearing a black Veredus t-shirt here because we filmed for Veredus some material, and it was better to use it then, instead of the very Yellow Gucci T-shirt I was originally wearing that day

Next was Duc! He did not have to jump a lot! Just did the 4 warm up jumps, 2 verticals and 2 oxers, then the whole course! Went easy

Last to jump was Ice Tea! Focusing much on keeping him very calm, and try not to hold him back instantly when he gets strong, rather work him in to relaxation again! And that’s not so easy since the jumps comes fast..

Riding Teddy was on the plan after he jumping! Slowly he’s getting back to work! Soon a new appointment with the blacksmith! Here’s my outfit! JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, Gucci belt and T-shirt, Parlanti boots and Kep helmet and of course my King ❤️Francois was there to train me

Did not do much in the evening other than to have dinner at home and watch tv together

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