Geneva! And jumping

A whole day in Geneva with the SEXY GROOM!

I had some errands to do and then we decided to do a whole day with shopping, hang out, and dinner!

It was really nice and warm when we went there! This is what I was wearing! and Helle thisbut the weather changes and luckily we had other clothes in the car!

We had a fun day! Eat at a fancy restaurant before we went home, haha so we had to change in to evening wear! My choice for the evening: DOLCE GABBANA



Me and Helle build a little course and I jumped with the two guys! No gymnastics today!

First out was Teddy! Needs to train combinations! So had a 3 combination with a oxer in and two verticals out! It went good, but still need to work on it more! Felt the Gallop is getting better and better and it was easier to get good to the jumps on the right

Ice Tea also did some jumping! He behaved super, listen well and was very easy to ride today!

When we had finished building out the jumps in was dark outside! So me and Duc did some dressage inside! Finished up with riding a little without bridle! someone send me this picture of me and Duc in Arezzo I think! I don’t remember who send it, but it was on Instagram inbox! Thank you so much!

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