Looong cardio

Hahaha, so I started the day with the cardio mountain! Came in time for the train down but now train came.. after a while I thought that I should run/walk as fast as I could to the main station and try to catch the next train from there! And I did!

But no train there ether! The train is canceled the whole, soooo I run to the buss! Brrr, got cold on the top

Well down and to the stables!

after taking care of the normal guys I took Teddy for a forest ride! Gallop a lot in right canter to make it stronger! Good for him to go on a lot of different ground and build up his body! Actually that’s good for the health of any horse young or old!

And im thinking about changing all my girths to this one! It’s a special system from Dy’on that realize the martingale if the horse gets stuck! and since I’m taking about Dy’on and I love Mexican noseband, I have this one and I love it! I also love the one from Equipe and the old one Teddy has, but this one is so good to! Very good leather although I don’t use it so often anymore I like this one to! Or actually Alf’i is using it but have a big “teddy sheep thing” over! And he had it really loose so I don’t use it to close his mouth I love this browband! But I prefer the once that are sold in Norway with the bigger clinchers ! But this is beautiful and if you can’t get the Norwegian version this one is really elegant!

My favorite spure straps are from Dy’on and this one we always use at shows to create a more happy environment for the horses! All of them have it! Except Picsou, he has one from Lamicell with Scrooge Mc duck painted onthe Dy’on is very good quality!

The lamicell is to, but the other brands I have not the best experience with. They brake very fast

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