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Milano fashion week!s

Me, Helle and Adham got up super early today also!

A route MILANOOO! Together with my sponsor Fashion store Graziella in SanREMO I was invited to attend Roberto Cavalli and Missoni fashion show!

We arrived a bit before the show was going to start so the 3 of us had time to go to town a little

Eat at a really cozy bar/restaurant before they explore town and I went to the fashion show! My outfit: Fendi boots/stockings/dress , Hermes Birkin bag

It was really exciting for me! I LOVE fashion! This is my first “REAL” fashion show!!! Bella Hadid was one of the models! Really cool! I never seen so many paparazzi in my life before

We had amazing seats, 2 row! And the designs was just PERFECT ! I saw one dress I really really want!!

Me at the show

I also got a gift from Graziella, a really perfect Versace body! WOW! Happy

Meet up with Helle and Adham after the show! Looked around a little and headed direction Cattolica! A big Ice Cream was in the plans! And the best ice cream is GELATO MANIA in Cattolica

Followed by some much needed tack shopping at Selleria Sandri in San Giovanni!Really Love Horses Riviera Resort

Haha! Day not over yet! We went to Bologna to meet Thelma! Eat at a very nice Brazilian all you can eat place! flowed by some gelatome and Helle shared a room at a really cozy hotel!

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