Mixed weather

The weather is so unstable right now, we have sun and rain many times a day! And it makes the horses a bit fresh, -or more than a hit fresh!

Duc has one week of handwalkig since the last show, and now he has forest riding and dressage! I will try for the first time to not jump him at all before the next show! It will be exciting to see how it goes! Hopefully it’s a good plan!

Prince is very fresh and has girth cramps some days! So I give him a little longe before I ride! When he gets it “out of his system” he is super to ride again

Me and Molly has also went to town! Haha, we needed some Starbucks and some items! Check me out, I took a brown pair of thick stockings under my Gucci stockings and wear them as pants! Do what ever you want and be confident

Picsou is still in Equitom, Alf’i is being a good boy some days and fear of the 4 legged shark other days! Haha! Quin and Jill , Teddy are hand walking! Cactus is still here and I love him! But not sure we will buy him yet

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