Big day with Molly

Haha! Both of us was excited! Bug ski day! We were at the lift Rock D’orsey before it even opened!

we skied from Villars to another mountain called Diablerets, never skied the whole way over there! It was a lot of fun

Molly has gotten so good, she can ski everywhere now! It was really warm, the snow was perfect in the first ours, but got a little wet around 12

We had a dessertand brought our luck with us up to the top and the sun chairs to enjoy

After that it was cardio mountain for me! Haha, at one moment I was so tired the only thing that made me continue was my will power! Got up! Made the train, and total happiness

Then riding, started with Prince today! He was a bit tired in his body today, worked him quite hard yesterday, so more light work today! He was really good! Listen super in the canter today

Next was Alf’i! So calm today also, it’s almost like I think he has changed his personality? He is normally not this calm, no spooking at all?? And such a good boy, I mean he’s always a good boy, but what’s going on with no spooking? I’m of course happy about it, but it’s also a bit wired Cactus was also totally perfect today! Rode a little dressage and some forest riding Duc had a day with only walking, since he had interval training yesterday!

Quin and Teddy had waking toogoing to start to ride them both really soon 😍

In the evening I surprised ❤️Francois with a Jazz concert 😍😍😍he was so happy

2 thoughts on “Big day with Molly”

  1. Hei Eva! Jeg kommenterte for en et par år siden at jeg EN DAG ville kjöpe dine ridebukser. Fordi jeg respekterer det du gjör utrolig mye, og fordi de er utrolig fine! Det har tatt tid, siden jeg er alene med to små barn, studerer på universitet og jobber i eldrebolig så lönnen er ikke akkurat den beste. 🙂 NÅ er jeg klar til å kjöpe, men da ser jag bildene på dine nye tights og de er jo bare fantastiske! Hvor lenge er det för vi kan kjöpe dem? Vil de koste mer enn Jem? Hilsen Lotta


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