Wednesday with Nashmill 

Started the morning with a walk half up to Leysin and down again with Nashmil! She had leg day at the gym the day before she came here and was quite sore! 

Went to the stables, this is my riding outfit of today: Armani tshirt, Parlanti passion, Cavalleria Toscana and Hermes 

I rode Ice Tea and Nashmil walked with Picsou😃 sice we have been two weeks on the show the horses has just some light work now! I rode Ice Tea loose and low, but at the same time focus that he carried himself!

Next was Alf! I rode Alf on the filed and Nashmil walked Duc and let him eat grass! I think Alf was tired, cause he did not spook once 

Duc and Nashmil

Love to walk the horses home! So when I am finished trotting and cantering I many times jump off and lead the horse! 

Francois had a doctor appointment at 12.15 so when finishing taking care and having ice on Ice Tea and Alf,-  me and Nashmil went back home again 

Alf enjoying lunch with his cooling on 

Sice it’s really hot the 3 of us went to the pool after 

Ralph Lauren Dress, 

Hermes bikini and sandals 

Eating at the pool with the LOVE❤️ of my life 

So lucky to have such a good pool so close to the stable! Specially on days like today, when it is so warm! You do half before 12 and the rest after 18.00! 

So when we were finished at the pool we went back to the horses! I rode Calla and Nashmil rode Duc!

I work A LOT with Calla not to ride her stright. She goes on two lines with her body and offten want to put her ass inside the line! What is so important to remember is that you always have to move the front of the horse on to the track of the hindlegs! 

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