Sunday and jumping

Jumping for Alf’i and Teddy today!

A lot of people ask me how many times a week I jump, and it depends on the training schedule of the horse! This week only Teddy and Alf jumped! The other horse no jumping!

I had build a easy course today, wanted to train some higher jumps with Alf’i and just make it easy! He was top as always

❤️Francois was there to train me and he was very happy to! He’s happy, I’m happy!next was dressage on Picsou! Worked him deep and forward in the beginning, and did some collected canter after! Finished up with really deep and in a middle to slow speed making sure he was carrying himself correctly on the hindlegs!

Then jumping with Teddy! He was a very good boy as always! He always tries his best and is a very sweet horse! Me and him are still working on finding each other, but every time we jump it gets betterthis is what I was wearing today! JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Louis Vuitton top and belt, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep Italia helmet

I went for a walk with Jill and took her in to the big paddock for some carrots after! She’s a very very sweet horse

Me and ❤️Francois had a cozy dinner at home in the evening! Actually we planed to go out but in the last moment I remembered we had some fish that needed to be eaten today! so we staid home and watched a film together after!

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