Duc is doing well

Since he had stitches in his ones yesterday he was surprised with a bag of cut up carrots today! it’s like when I was little, if I was sick I got to decide what was for dinner that day!

Day went by as always! Here’s Picsou on the treadmill! I find his coat really shiny and like a darker chestnut color now! Beautiful he gets a white hoof cream on his hoofs because he has a crack in one! This one is more moisturizing than the black one

Alf’i got a very very needed wash! With a big bucket of shampoo! I took the braids out and tomorrow I will cut his mane and make new once! I make them to make the mane stay at one side! And in cases like Ice Tea, Quin and Teddy also so they mane gets thinner. If you have the plaits in long enough hair falls off! And I don’t like to pull the hair off on the horses so this is the best solution for me

Ice Tea has had his mane plaited down almost since I got him! And now his mane is perfect

Teddy and me went for a forest ride! Galloped a lot and let him stretch out! He is very easy to stop! Haha, must be the easiest of them all! The other horses gets like! HEY YOU LETS GO! And they run so fast that they pretend not to hear my HooooHoooHOOOO

Duc got just a long hand walk today! The vet said I could ride him! But felt sorry for him, so I took him for a hand walk instead! and of course he gets water from a water bucket now! No chance he needs to use his poor nose to push on the water cup!

Got this beautiful drawing of me and Teddy’lino on Instagram

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