Early morning

Up in the mountain where me and ❤️Francois live it was already clear sky! But in the valley it was misty!

Went to the stables early this morning because I had a busy schedule! The vet was coming for Picsou, I was going to jump with Teddy, and then drop Ice Tea of to the transport company that was gonna take him to his new home, and also go to Dalchenhof with Teddy, Picsou and Duc for new shoes by super blacksmith Aron Gygax!

Omg! Teddy was so FRESH! Haha, I almost flew off! Look at this

He had so much energy and was really quick and powerful off the ground today! Haha, been complaining that he has not been quick enough of the ground, but today he was, and then he was! So now I hope I can keep that quick power and also get him to at the same time take “time” to jump the jump

I jumped him two days in a row because I wanted him to know the exercise a little so he could “think” about it and already improve to today! And it worked! He did the gymnastic line 100% better today! Even though he was quite wild..

Next up was Picsou! He had his shockwave treatment, and behaved really well today so me and Daniel could easy do it alone!

Then it was time for some forest riding when Duc! He is wearing the JS HORSE MADES saddle pad and bonnet!

I’m wearing Pro horse international JEM breeches in navy, a Fendi sweater, Louis Vuitton belt, Parlanti passion boots and Kep helmet

Took some time to give all our horses carrots outside, Ice Tea got inside

Then grooming and getting ready for the trip! I decided to make the plaits on Ice Tea! Mostly because he enjoys when I do it, and it’s kind of our thing! I put a thermo under rug and a fleece rug over, and also bandages on all 4 legs for his long travel! Both of these two rugs breath so if he gets to hot they will transport the sweat, and they are thick enough to keep him warm! I put the fleece on top because it has the cross straps under the belly to keep the both rugs in place all the time

Cuddles in the box before we loaded and left

Truck driving

The other horses getting new shoes

❤️Francois knew it was hard for me to say goodbye to Ice Tea and was waiting for me in the stables when I arrived


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