Shopping and horses

Day started with cardio

Followed by some shopping in Geneva

We bought two dresses in Zurich and this is one of themit was a dress from Alaïa we did not take! But ❤️Francois regretted it, so luckily they could get us one in Geneva in my size

Outfit of the day! Armani shoes, Burberry scarf, fake fur, Dior bag and strap

War in the stables late late late! Or at 17.00

Took care of the horses and waiting until the riding shook was finished to ride Duc!

Was good to have the indoor alone and got a really good dressage training done!

LOADS of focus on NOSE OUT!!

I also cut a old saddle pad in two and sewed it together like this! So her is Alf’i perfectly groomed with his new rug rub protector!

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