But first I jumped with Alf! 

I went to walk the course and Skin came up with Alf πŸƒβ€β™€οΈβ­πŸ΄πŸ’–

I rode today again a 130 class! It was against the clock, but me and Alf just rode a “school round”

He was great again but we had a unlucky pole! All in all a really nice round! 


And check out what we had on today 😍😍😍

We had one on the saddle pad and Skin had one on her jacket 

When I was finished trotting of Alf after start, Skin took him back to the stable and I walked the course for Duc! A 135 class!

He was really super, I rode my best , and Duc and me jumped clear! 

It was also very quiet in the warm up with Duc today, not so many people, don’t know why, but it was quiet 

Working on our dressage

Starting to jump 

Skin taking the bell boots of

Me and Duc jumping two veriticals before going in the ring 

Jumping in the ring

Duc, Me, Skin and Tina

Ice Tea was also really super today in the 140! We had one down, and one misunderstanding, just before the last jump I saw a photographer moving after the last jump, and I just looked at him trying to add a stride before the jump. Ice Tea thought we were finished so he started to walk, then we took a circle and jumped the jump, so got some time faults and 4 points for the circle

Me, Ice and Tina after the start

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